If you are a marketer to know about Facebook Ads features, you have come to the right place. Facebook still is the number one social media network worldwide, with 71% of the monthly social media visits. And its ad revenue is over 60 billion dollars this year to make marketers like you use many of its ad tools and features. However, with Facebook continuously changing, it is challenging for marketers to keep up with it. 


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Hence check out a few hidden gem Facebook tools and ace ad features that can transform your marketing campaigns.

Facebook hidden great tools 

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Apart from the powerful and popular marketing tools like lookalike audiences, Facebook has many uncommon but great tools that could make a sea of difference to your marketing campaigns. For example, you can promote websites, posts, and many others to increase brand awareness and driving engagement. A few of them include:

  • Third-party tag integration in the Business Manager helps advertisers using Shopify, Google Tag Manager, and others to implement the Facebook pixel without touching the code of their website.
  • Creative Hub in the Facebook navigation sidebar enables users to test many ad types, elements, etc., to save the mockups for future reference. It is best for clients pitching new ad types.
  • Facebook analytics in the Business Manager navigation bar offers more insights into Facebook to view user, page, engagement metrics, and user demographics.
  • Audience Insights provides more details of the Facebook audience even not available with Facebook Analytics for building an ideal target audience and collecting page likes, Facebook usage data, demographics, and interests.

The Facebook ad features marketers need to know

Apart from the above-hidden gem Facebook tools, there are many ads features all marketers like you must know to transform their marketing campaigns. A few of them include. 

Campaign Budget Optimization

Advertisers can balance their ad spend budget across multiple ad sets using the Campaign Budget Optimization feature. From November 2017, advertisers can set up a central campaign budget for Facebook to distribute it to the best-performing ad sets. It is ideal for advertisers creating new campaigns either for a lifetime or daily budgets. 

Ad Scheduling 

Advertisers wanting to run ads anytime on Facebook can use Ad Scheduling. Though Facebook permits advertisers to use ad scheduling only for lifetime budget, it is best to select the accounts' or viewers' time zone. Then, by clicking on the times, advertisers can make ad schedules to serve ads. 

Location Targeting

To select the targeting radius or the city, Location Targeting is the best feature for advertising in the travel industry and has additional settings that include

  • All the people who were recently in the location
  • Homeowners, irrespective of their current location, which is ideal for home-related businesses
  • Travelers using Facebook in the current location
  • People used Facebook in the location but having their homes listed 125 km away.


Connections is the best Facebook ad feature for those using an app to connect to people who liked the page or even their friends. It also enables you to exclude people liking the page or using the app. Connections also enable to target people attending events or exclude those who responded already. Find Advanced Combinations by scrolling to the bottom of the Connections list to create options to connect to more people.

Saved Audiences

Saved Audiences is the best feature for advertisers to save an audience for later use with a specific name. They can save the audience after uploading and selecting specific location targeting along with adding additional layers. 

This feature is found at the bottom of the ad set's Targeting section before placements as Save This Audience. Once saved, the saved audience will be available in each ad set at the top of the Audience section. 

Block Publisher Lists

For blocking the ads to not appear in URLs in the Publisher List, the Block Publisher list is an outstanding feature. Facebook released the Publisher List with thousands of URLs for advertisers' ads to appear across many networks and recommends reviewing it every month for updates. Upon reviewing the ads, advertisers may want to block their ads to not appear on some URLs. This feature will help them block the ads by accessing the Block List, Publisher Delivery reports, and Publisher List in the navigation menu as Brand Safety Section. 

Automated Rules

Using the Automated Rules in the navigation menu under Advertise can be a lifesaver for advertisers for pausing, managing, and activating campaigns. It is the best way for leveraging automation on Facebook by giving little control. Advertisers can create infinite combinations with many additional options that include:

  • The ability for scaling budgets as per the target field
  • Can update cost goals like CPA 
  • Easy to adjust bids like budgets
  • Hourly, daily, weekly, and biweekly action frequency options
  • Add conditions like 'cost per result lower than 100 dollars.' 
  • Set time range for conditions for today to a lifetime of the account
  • Enable rules to run for custom schedule


The above Facebook tools and ad features will surely help marketers like you create excellent marketing campaigns to yield excellent results. 

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