What makes us the best PPC advertising agency?

We are the best PPC advertising agency that works to drive traffic to the websites and produce real results for our clients. Ranked no. 1 by Google, we provide our clients with the best PPC software and services that help them increase traffic to their websites and stay at the top of search engine sites at cost-effective prices. We are among the top paid companies for our PPC services in the advertising industry. Reasons that make us the best include -

Team of professionals experts

Team of professionals experts

Our team of experts provides all the resources required to create, publish, promote, and manage all client's PPC requirements. We do not outsource channels, and a team lead by the team head takes care of all the client's requirements. The client can directly interact with our team of experts to fulfill their requirements.

Transparent dealings

Transparent dealings –

Our clients have easy access to all the plans, data, and results related to their businesses. It gives complete transparency and helps build a trustworthy relationship with our clients.

Cost-effective rates

Cost-effective rates –

We assure you deliver high-quality PPC campaigns and work towards auditing the client's Google Analytics Account at cost-effective rates.

Explain Pay Per Click, and how does it work?

Pay Per Click has become one of the most important mediums of marketing and businesses. There are various forms of internet marketing available in the digital world, and PPC is one of them. PPC agencies work so that when a business gets a click on its advertisement, only the client has to pay for it. In simple words, payment is made only for the number of clicks on an advertisement.

Advertisers need to bid for placing their ads on sponsored links like; if a particular keyword is searched for, the PPC tool will place the keyword-related advertisement at the top of the search engines sponsored results section to get the maximum clicks. PPC services are useful for big companies and can create demand and opportunities to grow for small and medium businesses by putting them at the top of search engine sites. PPC can be a useful form of creating an impact on online consumers in time-sensitive campaigns, creating an altogether new impact on consumers, or targeting the competitors.

A lot of research, organization of the right keywords, selection of optimized platforms to get the desired results are required to create an impact-full ad campaign. The landing pages and ad campaigns should be designed in such a manner as to attract the right audience, which in turn will help in lowering the PPC costs and increase the business profits.

Google ads and social media are the two main platforms for promoting PPC ad campaigns. Advertisements of different kinds like display ads, shopping ads, email ads are available within the two platforms. Through Google ads, many consumers can be attracted to different kinds of business and are the most commonly used platforms for promoting PPC ads.

The working of PPC ad firms is simple and largely works in the same manner for all businesses. One needs to -

  • Sign up for an advertising account.
  • Create advertisements.
  • Fix the maximum price one wishes to pay per click.
  • The ad is put up on auction.
  • The auction results decide which ads are to be placed.
  • Payment is only made for the number of clicks made on the ads.

What are the types of PPC?

PPC advertising can be categorized as follows –

Search ads

In this ad, the main focus should be on selecting the right keywords. The ideal keyword will target a large audience looking for similar services or products. Once the keywords are selected, it is placed for bidding. The placement of ads is decided upon by the ads’ bidding and quality score. Google determines the quality score of the ads. The higher the score, the better is the placement of the selected keyword.

Display ads

Ads using a text or graphical representation to promote businesses on different social media platforms are known as display ads. This type of PPC marketing aims to attract new consumers, create awareness about a brand or business, and retarget existing consumers.

Social ads

Social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, to name a few, are widely used social networking sites used by people of all ages. The social media ads appear on these widely used platforms targeting specific consumers based on factors like preferences, locations, education, etc.

Remarketing ads

Businesses already using PPC advertising can easily add this remarketing ad feature to their campaign simply by acquiring the Google tracking pixel tool. This tool enables the website to understand the consumer’s search and later on show ads based on their previous

Google shopping ads

The display of advertisements with product details, pictures of the product, and prices without opening the website page on top of the search engine results is another popular way of PPC advertising. One needs to sign up with the Google merchant center, upload the products, create a campaign, and set the budget.

Local services ads

This type of paid PPC ad helps the consumers look for a product or service in a particular area. These types of ads are paid per lead instead of per click. These types of Google services ads are generally opted for by service providers like plumbers, locksmiths.

Gmail ads

This type of ad appears similar to other normal mails. The only difference one can notice is that an ad sign is shown above on the mail in the case of Gmail ads. For this ad, the client can make a payment if the consumer opens the mail.

How do I choose a PPC marketing agency?

While selecting a PPC marketing agency, certain factors to be taken into consideration are – The type of PPC experience and expertise available with the PPC marketing agency.

Has the agency acquired any certification or recognition of its work in the PPC advertising field from potential agencies like Google ads certification?

Easy communication between clients and customers to discuss, review, or answer queries is available or not.

Planning and strategically implementing campaigns on the required platforms to achieve the desired results.

Creating campaigns based on the requirements and budget of the client.

Why hire SEM Reseller for SEO Reseller?
Why should you choose our PPC Marketing Agency?

Why should you choose our PPC Marketing Agency?

We are a team of well-experienced professionals who work together to manage all your PPC requirements. Awarded with Google Ads Certification, we provide customized strategies to our valuable clients and work towards creating PPC marketing on different social platforms and achieve the most effective results. We optimize the traffic to the websites and work towards maximizing the return on investments and producing real results.

Benefits of choosing SEM Reseller as a PPC advertising agency?

Creating strategies to fulfill the desired goals and target audiences' right set for the business or brand.

Increasing the traffic on websites and maximizing the ROI.

Full transparency in dealings and easy communication between the team and client.

Ranked no. 1 by Google for the best PPC advertising services worldwide.

PPC Firm that delivers positive results

We at SEM Reseller Agency provide different PPC services to our clients under one roof. Be it a small or big business corporation, we take care of all your PPC requirements and assure great ROI. Our team of experts works together to deliver real and positive results on us' services.

Why are our PPC services better than the rest?

We offer all types of PPC services under one roof. After understanding the clients' requirements, customized PPC strategies are created, and the best PPC tools are used, which will help increase the traffic and ROI of the client. We also ensure easy communication and full transparency in dealings between the team and the client..

PPC Firm that delivers positive results


What is better: PPC or SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) works in a manner where the web pages or websites are listed organically. The rankings are calculated by search engine algorithms based on the content quality, and one cannot pay to appear on these search engine results. The PPC, on the other hand, has to pay per clicks made on the website or product advertised. This tool helps target specific consumers and is fast to produce results compared to SEO tools. Choosing between SEO and PPC depends on the needs, targeted consumers, and clients' budgets. These tools have their advantages in attracting traffic towards the website or products in the search engine results.

What is the expense involved in a PPC campaign?

The targeted keywords and budget chosen by the client decide the cost of PPC campaigns.

Is PPC expensive?

A PPC campaign is like an investment, which is expensive compared to SEO tools. Once the ad campaign starts generating ROI, then the cost per click reduces.

How does a PPC bidding work?

Factors on which PPC biddings work are –

  • The client places the maximum bid per click.
  • The quality score and relevance of the ad in the search engine results.
  • The choice of keywords.