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How do we at best place you in the search results on Google? We follow the same approach as the search engine: just like Google, we at Vancouver SEO company align all the website properties to the user. Our goal is, therefore, to offer search engine users the best result for their search queries.

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An optimal website offers the user the best result for his search query. Therefore, when it comes to search engine optimization, we focus on the demands that the user makes on a website. At the same time, as the best SEO company in Toronto, ensure that the site meets the search engines' technical requirements to achieve a high ranking. In addition to optimizing the content, a good technical structure is a prerequisite for the search engine to rate a website positively. Technical SEO ensures an improved user experience and visibility of the website through technical optimization.


As an agency for search engine optimization from Canada, we support our customers with high-quality, holistic, and professional SEO. We not only support customers from Toronto but from all over Canada in developing and implementing a successful SEO strategy.


Are You Looking for The Best SEO Company in Canada?

Suppose you are seeking a digital partner and an SEO company in Toronto. In that case, SEM reseller is a Canada-based agency specialized and expert in SEO for WordPress: from audit to training, including improving the CMS for SEO and the user. Moreover, the press is talking about SEM Reseller.

Our Canada-based SEO agency has been working for a long time with local players throughout Canada and around the world, whether with large groups and with the self-employed, VSEs, and SMEs.

Our objective? Provide you with suitable SEO and SEO optimization strategies. Come and discover them! Our SEO strategies include

  • Performing an SEO website Audit for your company
  • Providing SEO Strategy and support
  • A tailor-made SITE creation.
  • Providing a complete technical SEO optimization

Outsourcing SEO to Canada

Outsourcing SEO to an SEO company in Toronto or an SEO specialist ensures that you can focus on the services or products you offer.

You must have a good idea of the person when choosing an SEO specialist or SEO consultant. If that person is going to be an extension of your company, he/she is willing to dive into your product.

As an SEO consultant, you are busy getting to know the business well in the beginning.
Only then can you start building a good SEO foundation. You may think of:

  • Competition analysis

    Competition analysis
  • Determine target group

    Determine target group
  • Mapping the sales process

    Mapping the sales process
  • Study product or services

    Study product or services

By conducting an in-depth investigation into this, the SEO specialist will get a good picture of the business, competition, and the focus points.

Get Lucrative Leads with SEO Services Canada

We support you in optimizing your lead generation and making it a success. We at SEO Company in British Columbia attach particular importance to transparency and the consideration of a company's individual characteristics: To generate successful lead generation, the definition of the target group is crucial. This is determined based on various characteristics. The size of the company and the location and the industry determine potential customers' selection and get that organic traffic. To make this target group aware of your company, your website is an important tool with great effectiveness.

  • Design of the landing page We create a web design with well-structured and attractive landing pages.
  • Search engine optimized content
  • We write search engine optimized content for your website. It includes articles, white papers, and social media posts.
  • Call-to-Action With buttons and images, we ensure an interactive website that encourages users to participate actively.
  • Content promotion We, as the best Vancouver SEO company, take care of the content promotion for you. Including e-mail marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing - this is how leads are generated right after the start of your campaign.

Results Driven SEO Services from SEM Reseller

As experts in search engine optimization with many years of experience, we deliver comprehensive and successful service in the field of SEO in Vancouver, bc. Benefit from continuous and reliable support and enjoy a sustainable ranking on the major search engines.

Our services for you:

  • SEO analysis of websites

    SEO analysis of websites

    In addition to your website design, we also analyze your competition and uncover versatile SEO potential.

  • SEO advice

    SEO advice

    After analyzing your website's current state, we will advise you on possible optimization steps and show you how we can bring your website to the top in close cooperation.

  • SEO Auditing

    SEO Auditing - Long-term analysis of your rankings

    We at SEO company in Canada, through continuous monitoring, keep an eye on the ranking of your website and, thanks to transparent reporting, offer you a complete overview at all times.

  • SEO for local searches

    SEO for local searches

    Local search engine optimization is an important online marketing instrument that brings your website to Google and Co's first pages for local search queries.

  • SEO for local searches

    Long-term SEO support

    We take over the long-term building of backlinks as well as content updates to optimize your website sustainably.

  • On-Page optimization

    On-Page optimization

    We adapt methods to design and develop your website to Google and Co's technical requirements to boost a good ranking.

  • Editorial services for search engine optimized texts

    Editorial services for search engine optimized texts.

    Editorial services for search engine optimized texts. Our editorial team writes search engine optimized texts for your website that offer the user significant added value.

  • Keyword research

    Keyword research

    Together with you, we define keywords and marketing solutions that are useful for optimizing your website.


The Right-Sized SEO Campaign to Grow Your Business

SEM Reseller is not just another company that offers SEO services. We are the business partner who wants to reach the top of Google's organic results!

We care; your business's success is also the success of our Vancouver SEO company, which makes our web development SEO services the best solution for your business. Also, in at least the last few years, none of our projects have been penalized manually or automatically by Google.

If you have a small business locally, you will most likely be able to do most of the work yourself. However, you must also consider that SEO activities will take up a lot of your time and usually take between 4 - 12 months until you get results (regardless of whether you do SEO yourself or use the full services of an agency.

SEO Services by Location in Canada: Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia

Is your company's activity focused on the local market? Your clients mainly come from your neighborhood? Do you provide services with access to the customer? If you answer "YES" to any of the above questions, local positioning with a Local SEO company Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, is a proposition for you and your company!

We were the first SEO Company in Canada to implement this solution using our billing model and websites' system obtaining orders/leads. There are industries where proximity is particularly important. Plumber, hairdresser, vulcanization, beautician, Indian restaurant, language school, travel agency, insurance agent - these are just a few examples of activities where distance matters. For entrepreneurs focused on customers in their area, we offer a local positioning service.



How soon can I start seeing the results?

When promoting sites, the performer cannot predict and declare with 100% accuracy any exact dates for site promotion in the 10th search engine issue because there is a third party in the face of search engines.

The dynamics of promotion depend on the site's technical condition (primarily its age) \ competitiveness, and the frequency of statistics of promoted requests. The days of missile takeoffs and rapid advancement are over. Now, even if all the internal and external optimization rules are observed, conscientious and painstaking work of both a third-party optimizer and the owner on his site - you should count on the first results and commercial return no earlier than 2-4 months.

Do you offer any guarantees?

The question of "guarantees" when promoting a site is the most acute and painful one because they are not. As there are proof and support for the whole process, we, as an honest Vancouver SEO company, do not offer a guarantee but specialized technical support to answer your questions or solve possible inconveniences.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the digital world is dynamic. If there are changes in the online community, this should influence all the sites on the air, and we would not be able to guarantee a deadline for the results if we do not choose when and how the changes will happen.

Can you show me success in industries related to mine?

Yes, we have different portfolios and reviews from our clients that prove our success rate, for over a dozen years associated with the SEO company Toronto, caring for customer relations, and above all meticulous in selecting actions aimed at achieving the highest possible position of websites in search engines, of clients who trusted me.

Where do you rank for SEO-related keywords?

In addition to the market environment, we, as the best SEO company in Toronto, know the value of keywords. Keywords also play a very important role in the selection of the most important ranking factors. There are some keywords for every website that are interesting for the company and contribute to its success. However, especially with highly competitive keywords, you may have to work with completely different factors than with long-tail keywords that occupy a niche. The selection of the keywords is always made, taking into account the goals set. It can often be easier to focus on a niche.

How do we adapt our strategy to our client’s industry?

An individual approach and a wide range of proprietary tools make it possible to adjust the SEO strategy to business expectations and each industry's specificity.

We have been positioning and optimizing pages in search engines (SEO) for years, and our high-class service makes us the best SEO services company in Canada. From the very beginning, we focus on our specialists' development and experience, which translates into customer trust and the implementation of projects for the largest advertisers in the digital world.