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PPC generally is an abbreviation of price per click. Many marketers are curious to learn this strategy to market their businesses these days. It is the stream of digital marketing where you pay every time you advertise a product or service every time you click on one of your ads. Then attempting to obtain the visits organically, through PPC, you can pay a certain amount to get them.

PPC is one of the trusted and effective forms of search engine advertising. When you place an advertisement, you bid for ad placements in the sponsored area when someone searches using the relevant keyword. When you bid on the keyword, the customer will see the advertiser's ad on the top spot of the Google search results page.

We have to pay a small fee to the search engine every time users click on the ad. This is a way to make a hefty profit as the price we pay is small compared to the revenue it can generate.

To make a winning PPC campaign, a marketer needs to do intense research to pick relevant keywords and organize them into a properly optimized campaign and ad groups. It helps set up a good landing page that can be made into conversions. When you create a page relevant to your audience and target it intelligently, search engines reward the marketers by charging less. It will lead to higher profits for your business. But it can only be achieved when done right.

It is highly beneficial to conduct PPC through Google ads because it is the most popular search engine. The amount of traffic that Google gets is massive, so there will be a higher number of impressions and clicks to your ads. The number of times that your PPC ad appears is based on the keywords you use and match types you select. You can achieve a successful PPC campaign by focusing on

  • Keyword relevance – When you craft a relevant keyword and proper ad text, you likely reach the right audience.
  • The landing page's quality – Creating an optimized landing page helps you persuade the user to become a potential consumer.
  • Quality Score - The rating Google gives for your overall PPC campaign is called the quality score. If we have a better quality score, you are more likely to get clicks at low costs.

We Provide Cost-effective PPC Advertisement Packages

We at SEM reseller believe in doing the best. Our experts curate the right strategy for your audience at a decent price point. Our pay per click advertising packages is affordable and convenient. We offer you services catered to your needs and requirements.

Our Affordable PPC Packages to Fit Your Needs

We understand your business goals and objectives, and we strive to work accordingly. Apart from having the right digital marketing strategy, it is crucial to invest in PPC advertisements. We work towards building relevant exposure for your business. We build a strong campaign that drives the sales path to create a better ROI.

Our team of experts is experienced in PPC advertising and uses the best tools to track an advertisement's work. We offer the best services in town for an affordable price. We not only make a good ad but also ensure that we do all the changes that are required for its proper functioning.

Affordable and Best PPC Packages

Our trusted partners will vouch for the PPC packages that we curate. Even if you are an upcoming start-up or an established business in a certain area, we can optimize the right package for you, keeping in mind all your needs. To know more and get a custom made quote, you can contact our team.

Assignment “Monthly Fee – Min $250 or 15% of Monthly Spending whichever is high” “Monthly Fee – Min $450 or 12% of Monthly Spending whichever is high” “Monthly Fee – Min $650 or 10% of Monthly Spending whichever is high”
Add Budget Upto $2000 Per Month $2000 – $4000 Per Month $5000 & Above Per Month
Campaign Setup/Campaign Management
Networks: (Google Adwords, Facebook) check check check
No. of Keywords 10 100 200
Ad Budget check check check
Monthly Fee check check check
Landing Page Recommendation check check check
Keyword Optimization check check check
Text Ads check check check
Conversion Tracking check check check
A/B Testing remove remove check
Google Analytics Set-up check check check
Campaing Manangement s check check check
Mobile Ads remove remove check
Gmail Ads (GSP) remove check check
Landing Page Optimization check check check
Competitor Analysis remove check check
Ad Copy Optimization check check check
Keyword Bid Optimization check check check
ROI Tracking check check check
Project Reporting Support
Reports Monthly Bi-Weekly Weekly
Google Analytics Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Support Email, Chat Email, Chat Email, Chat, Call
Dedicated Account Manager remove remove check
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Want to Know About PPC Packages? Read Through Our FAQs!

How Much Should you Spend on PPC?

On average, a business spends less than $1 -$2 per click on Google ad words. When counted every month, the average small or medium-sized enterprises might spend less than $9000 and $10000 on price per click.

Is there Any Specific Pricing for Google Ads?

The average cost for a click in Google ads ranges from $1 and $2 on the platform. If the keyword is expensive, it might cost you $50 or more per click.

What is the Average CPC in Google Ads?

The CPC for Google ads depends on the type of industry you have. Advocacy and non-profit groups have it for less than $2. But the average CPS for other industries is between $1 and $2.

What is Included in Our PPC Package?

Apart from designing an optimized campaign for a relevant audience base to your business, we provide powerful tracking tools, reporting for the ads, and offer product listing.

Is your Management Cost Different from the Budget to Run on Google Ads?

You need to decide on a preferred budget and bidding before running an ad on Google. If you manage your bids properly, your actual costs might be lower than what you had expected.

What Does CPS Mean?

Cost per click is the price you pay whenever an ad is clicked on platforms like Google ad words or Bing. The highest amount you are willing to pay to bid an ad is called max CPC.

What are the Different Types of Google Ads?

There are three types.
Search network campaigns in the text form are the ads displayed on the search page of Google. They pop up when someone searches using the relevant keyword for your business.

Display network campaigns are in image form that appears on other websites or mobile applications that your relevant audience visits.

Video campaigns are 6 to 16 seconds ranging videos that show before or during another YouTube video.

What is the Difference Between Google Adwords and Google Adword Express?

Google AdWords is used to pop up your ad on the search results page of Google, the display network of Google, and maps. With Adwords express, you will set a budget, and depending on the kind of business, Google will show you a list of keywords to boost your ads on the Google+ page. Now both of them have improved the Google Ads.