Organic publications, that is free, do not go through the best time on Facebook pages. We have been talking for a long time about the loss of publications, that fewer and fewer users see what we publish, that if Facebook’s EdgeRank hides and alters the timeline at will.

Okay, once you have ventured the question is very simple:

Do you want to keep working on your Facebook page?

If the answer is yes, you have no choice but to roll up your sleeves and stand up to the changes made to the algorithm to get more people to see your posts on Facebook.

How to increase the reach of your Facebook posts

If you want to get more people to see your posts on Facebook, you have no choice but to increase popular engagement or interaction with your users. Facebook has been around for a long time and surely more than one of these techniques sounds familiar to you, but now it is more important than ever to follow them to the letter and work hard to increase the reach of your publications on Facebook.

Fall in love with your fans

Ok, I mean getting to know your community, but it is so repetitive when said like this… However, it is essential to know what content the people who have decided to like your Facebook page expect from you. Identify which public you are addressing and work on the content of interest, which adds value and is of quality.

The power of images

It has also been saying many times but just in case you remember that images are one of the publications that work best. You can find hundreds of statistics on the internet but the last one I saw spoke of 120% more interaction, 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and that the links that accompany the image received 83% more clicks. Good figures, right?

Detect the best days and hours

It is a fact that there are times better than others to post on Facebook. Make no mistake, the best time to post on social networks does not exist as we see in hundreds of infographics. I mean that you must analyze down to the last detail when your community is most receptive.

If you want to get more people to see your posts on Facebook, detecting these “top” days and times is important to define your content strategy. Facebook statistics can help you although I am in love with the classics and I prefer my excel sheet to record data and draw my conclusions.

Facebook pages give you data on when there are more active fans for example. In theory, the more fans online, the greater the likelihood of reaching but in practice, it may be that that time is not when they most interact with the publications because it is 10:00 p.m. and they prefer other things.

Who does not risk does not win

Your head is already getting ahead and on the best day, at the best time, it is going to publish a great image. Well, it is not a bad idea, but I am one of those who thinks that who does not risk does not win, we have come to play! Now seriously, I think the best you can do is try different things and see what happens. Are you not curious?

If the images work, maybe an infographic will also have very good results. If you have a YouTube channel, try uploading the video directly to Facebook instead of posting a link, you will see how you get good results. Do you usually post 2 times a day? Well, increase the number of posts to see what happens. If you’ve never posted at night or midday, now is the time to find out what happens.

In the variety is the spice

Very linked to the previous point, do not always publish 2 lines of text with a link and an image, you will be the most boring of the place. Play with other types of publications, only text, photos, images with phrases, video, infographics, take surveys. For example, many studies claim that short posts get more “likes” but long posts are shared more. Do some long updates from time to time, change the dynamics, and check the results.

Interaction is a 2-way street

You come to a Facebook page where, for example, a survey is carried out. It is incredibly good to meet your fans, you receive feedback and they also leave comments (engagement) but suddenly… the brand disappears! You cannot expect your users to comment, share, and interact if you do not do it later.

Thank your users for their participation, reply to their comments, be part of the conversation. This shows that you are there, that you pay attention, people will be more predisposed to participate if they know that you are talking to someone interested in what they say. It’s about being a community, not getting a handful of likes, comments, and shares.

What about your other channels?

Surely Facebook is not your only means of communication with your community so take advantage of other channels to cross-content. It is not about abusing and you must always remember that each platform has its peculiarities and “rules” but you can publish a photo that you have put on Facebook through Twitter, include social buttons in your emails, do not forget the box of Facebook on your blog … make things easy for users to reach your page and its content.

Scratching your pocket

I have put it in the end because surely you did not even want to see it but it is undoubtedly the best way to get more people to see your publications on Facebook, pay. We must remove the blindfold and think that Facebook can be a great ally in your marketing strategy.

Depending on your objectives and the budget you have, advertising on Facebook can be remarkably interesting it is much more affordable than other options with worse results.

Ultimately, all these tips together and put into practice can help you get more people to see your posts on Facebook by increasing the reach of what you post on your page. The conquest of Edgerank begins!

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