Custom Web Design Packages

Developing a graphical layout of an application that includes the visual presentation, animations, text, image layout, color scheme, and other items that the user interacts with is known as User Interface (UI). Graphic designers, also known as UI designers, are responsible for creating a visually appealing application design that matches the application's purpose. User experience (UX), on the other hand, means how well the user has interacted with the application created by the UI designers.

The UI/UX Design Package encompasses the overall user satisfaction. The UI and UX designers work as a team and continuously put in efforts to improve the product experience.

Why the Best Web Design Package is Essential for Your Site

In the fast-growing world of internet marketing, a company's website plays a crucial role. Some factors to be taken into consideration while choosing a web development package for websites are –

As the website represents the company's face, the web development package must select the best combination of well-experienced experts and knowledge of the latest web designing tools, which would help create a website that visitor, would be perceived to visit. The presentation should be easy to understand and appealing enough to get more leads on the website.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool plays an important role in impacting clients. Therefore, it is important to consider this factor when choosing the website design packages. The website's overall quality should be such that the website is displayed on top of the search sites.

Web development packages' work does not end by just creating an impactful website featuring all the attractive features. Updating the website appearance or content from time to time is very important, which would help retain old visitors and help increase more traffic to the website. An outdated and unmanaged website would negatively impact one's business.

Elevate Your Business with SEM Reseller's Web Design Services

We at SEM Reseller work with the best team of well-experienced professionals knowing the latest web designing tools. Right from creating the domain page, logo, color scheme, appealing designs, easy functionality of the page, we cater to all your needs as per your requirements.

We specialize in creating user-friendly web designs for our clients, be it small business website design packages or big business houses. Web pages created by us are developed keeping in mind the SEO tools that would help the search engines to make the website stand out at the top of your competitors and help you achieve your goals.

Maximizing Value: The Comprehensive Benefits of Website Design Packages

Be it small or big businesses; tailor-made packages are made for all our clients. While calculating the website designing packages, various factors like size, type of business, the website's purpose, whether creating a new website or recreating an old website, web designing costs and budget of the client all are taken into consideration. And the best web package is selected, which fulfills all the requirements and offers value for money.

Unique Designs for a Flawless User Experience

Web designs are planned and implemented in a manner that is easy to use with search option facilities; customized settings for frequent visitors are some factors that can help in creating a seamless user experience. Attractive, simple to use, less time-consuming web designs help retain and increase visitors to the website.

Web Design Packages

Web design packages depend on various factors, including designing, ergonomics, user interface, website layout, color scheme, graphics, and many other factors required to create a website. Design packages offered by us include PHP website maintenance packages, PHP website maintenance packages, HTML website packages, WordPress maintenance packages.

CMS Website $499/Mo $699/Mo $899/Mo
No of Pages Up to 5 Up to 10 Up to 15
Additional Pages* $80 $80 $80
Responsive Design check check check
Custom Layout Design check check check
SEO Semantic HTML Code check check check
CMS check check check
Integrated Contact Form check check check
Banner Management check check check
News Management * remove check check
Blog* remove check check
Event Calander* remove remove check
Evening Booking* remove remove check
Review Management  check check check
Newsletter check check check
Social Media Icon check check check
Broucher Management remove remove check
Jobs Management  remove remove check
SEO Plugin check check check
GEO Location Map  check check check
AMP Pages remove remove check
XML Sitemap Setup check check check
Google Analytics  check check check
Google Webmaster check check check
URL Submission in Webmaster check check check
Robots File setup check check check
CMS Training Up to 2 Hrs Up to 3 Hrs Up to 5 Hrs
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Want to Know About Web Design Packages? Read Through Our FAQs!

How Long does it Take to Design and Build a Website?

The time frame required to design and build a website depends on factors like-

  • The requirement, plan, content, and budget
  • The size of the project
  • The number of pages involved and the time required creating a unique and appealing design

Do your Packages Include Hosting and Domain Registration Fees?

Our customized packages include hosting and domain registration fees.

Can you Help me Update My Website?

Yes, we can definitely help you update your existing website. We will review your current website, gather information related to your business, create new multimedia content, and work towards optimizing your website's content in search engine results.

Does SEM Reseller Also Provide Web Hosting Services?

SEM Reseller also provides web hosting services to its valuable clients at cheap website designing packages.

Providing you a guaranteed service to all your website development packages and delivering 100% client satisfaction is our motto.

What Platforms Do You Build Your Websites On?

We offer WordPress design packages in India as it is the most popular and widely used platform to build websites. Once the domain name and website hosting are done, we quickly start creating a website.

Limitations of the website designing packages

  • Website designing packages have certain limitations, which are mentioned below -
  • Limited mobile viewing – As these design packages are designed especially for the website, there is limited optimization possible in mobile viewing.
  • Not easy to use – Even though the website looks easy and simple to use, certain factors like page links, customized pages can become a lengthy and complicated process.
  • SEO factors – While creating a website, overlooking the advantage of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) factor can result in fewer visitors to one’s website affecting the chances of increasing business opportunities.

Are E-commerce and Customized Websites Designed by You?

We offer the best E-commerce and customized website designing services for our valuable clients. As all businesses are different, so is the need for each website, and we as a team work together to build the website that fulfills all the client's requirements and helps them increase traffic to their websites.