You are in the right place if you want to know the new best tactics that Google announced recently for optimizing the deal pages. The next day after Google makes the deal pages free-for-all to merchants even if they are not advertising in it. In addition, it will help people to browse for many products with a carousel layout using the shopping tab and 'deals result page.' Finally, it will help find the promotions directly from the brands. Not only deal pages but also promotional tools, and announced extended reporting capabilities through the Google Merchant Center on July 21, 2021.


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Google confirms a 50% increase in the searches for 'discount code' in 2020 as more and more people are looking for excellent deals.  Hence eyeing the upcoming holiday season, Google announced this new SERP feature to be available from October. It will enable users to search for deals during significant sale events like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, among others. In addition, Google enables showing a new carousel to highlight all relevant deals and other related sales information. Another important aspect is the loyalty program. Consumers having a loyalty account can instantly link it, and for those not having, it is easy to join by clicking the 'create account' button.

Check out the five best tactics recommended by Google on July 22 for optimizing the deal pages for enabling customers to directly sign for seeing special benefits and pricing directly on Search/Shopping to increase sales. 

Google's New Best Practices For Optimizing Deal Pages


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Every day there are millions of shopping sessions happening on Google. And there is a tremendous rise in deal queries interest during the holiday sessions like Labor Day, Memorial Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other special sessions. Hence, Google learned a lot from it, improved and refined its deals pages and carousel, and made it a free-for-all merchant. And the next day, it shared the five best tactics to get the most of the deal pages and carousel to reach the shoppers effectively. Thus, it will help merchants in the US quickly reach deal-seeking customers ahead of the back-to-school and winter holidays apart from the two significant shopping seasons. 

The Five Best Tactics That Google Suggests For Optimizing The Deal Pages  

  • For all promotional events, it is essential to create dedicated pages.
    Google encourages e-commerce stores to create dedicated deal pages for Cyber Monday and others and for each promotional event.
  • The page title should include the event description.
    'Cyber Monday 2021 deals' and other such page titles are essential to include the event to show in the deals carousel to increase the sales.
  • Page content should describe the event 
    Google recommends putting text describing the event in the page content to identify the page relevant for specific sales.
  • To give general information about the event in advance
    Though revealing the sales details on the event day, Google wants to include the event's general information in advance for the algorithms to understand the relevant page for re-crawling the page after updating it.
  • To add images relevant for sale
    Google wants to follow an important tactic of including images relevant to the sale, like showing products on sale for the event or including banner text highlighting special discounts and offers. Though Google usually discourages using banner text in images, it recommends it on deal pages. Also, Google wants the text in the image to reflect on the page the textual content.

It should also have an appropriate text attribute and recommends image aspect ratios in the deals carousel to be 4:3 to 3:4 range.  

Apart from the above five best tactics, Google also wants the site owners to register their promotions with Google Merchant Center for helping to display all the deals across many surfaces. 

The five best Google tactics for optimizing the deal pages will surely help you increase sales in the upcoming holiday and the two special sessions after October. Also, optimizing the deal pages offered free by Google will benefit more to reach the shoppers to improve their engagement and sales. Also, with deal pages to appear on the main search results pages from October, retailers like you can use this SERP feature even without paying for Google advertising.

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