Google is now sending out notices to all the websites through their Google Search Console with “mobile-first indexing issues detected” alerts. The emails sent by the Search console include all the issues that Google has been facing while moving the site over mobile-first indexing. This mail also consists of an announcement or can say a warning to the website owners that Google expects to apply this new update i.e. mobile-first indexing and they need to update their website accordingly as soon as possible.

Here is a screenshot of this “mobile-first indexing issues detected” taken from the Search Engine Land website for reference.

mobile-first indexing update

The above images clearly show that Google is being very proactive and taking complete responsibility to move your site to mobile-first indexing along with the required steps that you need to do to make your website ready for mobile-first indexing ready.

So, if you also get one of these notices, immediately act. If Google has issues with accessing your mobile website, then it might impact your indexing and ranking in Google search engine results.

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