Google Gods decided to drop the Q&A from June 30, 2021but to continue with Question Hub. If you want to know about it, you are in the right place. No one knows why Google added Q&A in 2019 and why it is removing the interface now. Now no more questions are asked and answered by users even about this addition and removal. Google periodically adds updates and removes features to continue to be the number one search engine globally. And as usual never gives information though it will be valid and useful for all, even for its removal of Q&A. Continue reading to know more about Google Support officially announcing dropping Q&A on Google in search results.

Google Q&A addition & removal

In 2019, Google started the Q&A for users to ask questions and get answers. Unlike Question Hub, where only publishers can answer the questions, the Q&A section enabled the billions of users to ask questions about their doubts or issues they want to resolve. Keying in the search in the URL as a question may open the Q&A interface for getting many answers for the questions from the users. Though the Q&A was primarily for India, with its over 1.38 billion knowledge-seeking people, Q&A helped them a lot. But suddenly, Google has officially announced its shutting down from June 30, 2021.

Google Q&A benefits

From knowing how to get credit cards to buying smartphones, there were thousands of questions asked every day and answered by users. Since there are over a billion searches by users in Google, anyone in India could get answers to their queries fast. It helped many decide on buying a product or service, know about solutions to the day-to-day issues, find the right assignment writing services, and many more. In this global village where information is knowledge, Google Q&A was highly helpful for knowing about various services and products worldwide. For the past nearly two years, the Indians widely used it for multiple purposes and served as a platform for sharing ideas and expanding knowledge with information.

Google Q&A VS GHQ

GHQ or Google Question Hub is a knowledge market platform developed and offered by Google to many Asian countries, including India, from 2019. For content creators and journalists, it collects unanswered web search queries by using many unknown search algorithms. Then Google lists them in GQH for publishers to contribute information for pre-defined contents only. Unlike Google Q&A, GQH is only accessible by a registered Google search console account verified by web property. Hence, billions of Google users cannot ask their questions directly and get answers from other users. For reasons best known to them only, Google has now decided to continue with GQH but drop Google Q&A. It is like dropping Google Questions and Answers started in 2007 for Russia, China, and 40 African countries to drop it in 2015.

All to know about Google shutting down Q&A

Though Google shutting down Q&A will not rock the foundations of the users, it sure will have its impacts. There may be many reasons for Google to shut down the Q&A as both the questions as answers may be genuine and hundred percent meaningful about sharing knowledge and information. But many users may use it for fake or bogus marketing or other purposes, as there is no registration or any checking of the authenticity of the questions or answers. It continues to retain Question Hub as registered publishers only answer it for unanswered web searches. While announcing the shutting down of Q&A in Google Support, it also notified users to download their already submitted contributions via Google Takeout.

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