Recently, Google announced that it will complete the mobile-first indexing by September 2020.

The tech giant has been prioritizing mobile-first indexing since 2016, and now almost 70% of the websites are transferred over. From this time, all the sites will be crawled and indexed using mobile-first indexing.

So, chances are that your website has been already moved over and for a chance, if your site has not moved over yet, you might have got a notice from Google with more information as we discussed in our previous blog post

Why should you care about this?

The very first thing you need to do is to check the Google Search Console to see if your website has already been moved to mobile-first indexing. You can check it through settings in the Google Search Console. For your help, here is an example that shows that the website completely meets with Google’s requirements and therefore switched to mobile-first indexing.

Mobile-First Indexing Process

If you don’t get this message in your settings, then it is time to work on your website and make it a perfect fit for the Google crawler.

For this, you also get a related notice from Google, to take an action immediately. If Google has any issue with accessing your site, it might impact your indexing and ranking in Google search engine.

So, now is the only time to make your website version as identical as possible. Hurry up!

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