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Excellent SEO gets only better over time, and if you are searching for the essential places to focus on future SEO success, you are in the right place. Keeping Google happy with the right SEO is the need for all businesses now. But as per the famous quote, "Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first," it is essential to have the best SEO practices for all to love it. And with the severe competition, the SEO strategies and techniques are only getting better. So rather than trying to trick or hack Google, it is better to partner with it to have SEO as an investment that gets better with time. So, to sustain and succeed in your business, you should know the future SEO trends to apply them without being left out in the crowd.

Hence, check out the many essential places for focusing your future SEO success to develop your business to new heights.

Evolution of search engine optimization

Though the first website was founded in 1991, SEO practices started only in 1997, predating even Google. For the past 23 years, there has been a continuous evolution of SEO to get better every year. The SEO services market was worth 43.3 billion dollars in 2019 and growing at a CAGR of 19% to reach 77.6 billion dollars in 2023. But it helps even trillion-dollar businesses to sell their products and services to be successful. Since SEO is essential as long as search engines help people to make informed decisions on buying, you need to know the best SEO practices to focus on the future growth of your business.

What is the future of SEO in the next five years?

Many ask this million-dollar question of what will be the future of SEO in the next five years. The significant reason is the continuous changes and the Google algorithms and updates that leave even the best SEO services perplexed, not knowing to rank on the top of the SERP. As per the famous quote, "the best place to hide a dead body is Google's second page'; everyone wants to be visible to their target audience on the first page. Many studies confirm that over 90% of the search engine clicks occur only through the first page of the search results. Hence, to be on the first page continuously, all need to focus on the essential places for future SEO success.

Which are the essential places to focus on for future SEO success?

Many like you struggle to find the right partner for SEO services that think about the current SEO and its future success. Nowadays, it is more about understanding what the searcher wants from you to deliver it precisely at the right time and right place. It is because Google and other search engines focus more on anticipating the intent behind users' searches. But other essential places will be the focus for the future SEO success that include.

Question Answering

The future of SEO will be more on answering the searchers' questions, going beyond using keywords because of the increase in smartphones and voice search, which trains the users to ask search engines for quick answers. Hence, optimizing the content to answer the users' questions directly will be essential to focus on future SEO success.

Google, understanding the importance of answering searchers' questions and its continuous quest to use machine learning, has got a patent in May 2021. Bill Slawski mentioned in his recent article about the patent centered on NLP or natural language processing tasks. Google already uses BERT or Bidirectional Encoder Representations and Transformers language model to understand the words better within the context of sentences. Now with the NLP-centered patent, Google will provide relevant direct answers to all searchers' questions.

Slawski's article about the patent explains the patent during the BERT Question-Answering at Google that include.

By using the open-domain question or "open-QA" tasks to fine-tune the knowledge retriever for predicting the answers by the language model to a set of direct questions like "What is the capital of the US."

The knowledge retriever during the fine-tuning stage retrieves helpful documents by using learned relevance for the language model to answer all questions.

Increasing local SEO

Though organic SEO is critical for any business, now and in the future, there will be an increasing need to focus and spend more time on the local presence. It is because customers now rely more on Google map results for finding local products and services. And it is only going to increase more in the future.

Identifying searcher intent

It is not enough to select keywords to target the search volume and identify their intent. Also, it is critical to develop and optimize the pages for addressing the intent. Hence, stronger searcher intent will be essential places to focus on future SEO success by delivering value through optimized content.

How to determine a strong SEO partner for focusing on the essential places for future SEO Success?

SEO is never static, which the past over 20 years has proven to be updating all the new trends and practices. Data confirms that over 83% of the search engine traffic comes only from SEO, with the remaining 17 % by paying for the searches. Hence, many also ask how to determine a strong SEO partner to focus on the essential places for future SEO success. It is easier said than done and needs patience and expertise to find the right SEO partner. Check their credentials for being successful now and have a vision for the future and a passion for updating the SEO changes.

The above facts and essential places to focus on for future SEO success will help you to find the right SEO partner for developing your business to unprecedented levels.

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