If you want to know what Google does with your feedback from search results, you are in the right place. Like you, for years, many want to correct any issues on the Google search. Especially for those having eCommerce sites and with products to sell, it is one thing they badly want to know. But with 5.6 billion searches per day which is over two-thirds of the population, it is difficult to take action on the millions of feedbacks every day.

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 John Mueller, Google's webmaster trend analyst, recently gave some insights into what Google does with the enormous feedback. On the July 27 episode of #AskGooglebot, Mueller explains how Google receives, reviews, and prioritizes the feedback from Google search to make it easier for all. He says that for most of the feedback for issues with search results, Google corrects them algorithmically. Check out how to send feedback on search results to Google and what Google does from its own words.

What Are Google Feedbacks From Search Results?

Google controls over 92% of the search engine market worldwide. It is not simple work handling millions of feedbacks. Though Google never shares its search volume data, many experts estimate it to be approximately 63,000 searches every second, which is over a trillion searches every year globally. Regardless of what they do, most people will undoubtedly use Google search at one point or other in their life.

Since Google is a free powerhouse for information serving billions, it keeps most of its work not known to them. And many like you may want to send feedback on many issues and only wait for Google to respond. But no one knows precisely when and how Google will respond to the queries rising from the hundreds of billions of its web pages. But it takes all effort possible to index all the content regularly even though it is an arduous task. So now we can know a few things about what Google does with the feedback and how to send it.

Ways to send feedback to Google


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The most direct way to send feedback on the search quality is to use the so 'send feedback link. It is at the bottom of billions of search pages, and those sent by it will directly go to the Google team that reviews, organizes, and prioritizes it. In addition, Mueller recommends all to use the Google Search Central help forums. The community of search experts in these forums will be available for help and discuss it with Google depending on the need.


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If you face anything incorrect, objectionable, or problematic, you can forward that to the public-facing Google accounts on Twitter and other social media sites. Mueller says that it will be helpful to know the query that produced unsatisfactory results for those sending feedback from search results. He wants to provide a minimum of one common question that many like you might use and highlight the issue. Make it easy for Google to recognize its scope and scale irrespective of the contact method.

Mueller further confirms that it makes little sense to tweak manually search results if there majority of problems and most of them get corrected algorithmically. 

Mueller On What Google Does With Feedbacks From Search Results

To a specific question on the eligibility of user feedback for Google deciding to tweak its search ranking algorithm, Mueller says it gets handled internally. He further adds that the web is ever-changing, and it is so gigantic that people ask questions daily. Hence, Google's aim is for improving the algorithms and not to tweak individual queries. The algorithms pull together all the search results, and though taking time will make the search better for all worldwide every day.

Mueller concludes by saying that Google is trying to prioritize all issues reported as feedback from search results in many ways. But some of it needs to work as soon as possible. In contrast, others need to wait until Google focuses on the specific system part again. Based on the submitted feedback, Google organizes issues that need urgent attention for its team to fix immediately manually.

The above facts on how Google handles the feedback from search results, as explained by Mueller, will surely help you. 

For more details, watch the full video here. 


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