Do you want to simplify those complex topics like explaining a new discovery of NASA's web space telescope to your 10-year-old or learn about the latest research output on cosmetic surgery? Hey users! If you are looking for a powerful tool to simplify any complicated topics in fraction of seconds and provide deeper insights and understanding then AI powered lightweight models like Bard is surely going to meet your need!

So, buckle up and let's explore the world of Bard together and supercharge your AI venture like never before.

When was Bard Established?

Bard is one of the potential and latest versions of AI tool that will keep you ahead of your AI journey. However today, several investments are being done to upscale the advancement of AI computation. In that context large language is captivating lot of attention. In fact, Bard is also one of such initiative by Google that had been established by Google. Bard was first announced on February 6 in a statement from Google ‘s CEO Sundar Pichai. Google Bard was released a little over a month later, on March 21, 2023. Then, nearly a year later, Bard was renamed Gemini.

What Lead to the Formation of Bard?

Bard is known to be one of the potential advancements of general AI application whatever we are getting to use today. It is also exciting to know that a breakthrough on the field of large language model is powered by LAMBDA that is presently known as Bard.

 Is There Any Further Advancement of Bard?

Yes Indeed! These days Bard is regarded as Gemini due to its changed name. This recent upgraded version of Bard named as Gemini is well known for its advanced level and exceptional service. It is a next step ahead of Bard that makes it more widely available and popular among its users.

Is Google Bard Better than ChatGPT?

In terms of creativity and readability, Bard is a better chatbot in 2024. While still very readable, ChatGPT's paragraphs are chunkier than Bard's, which seems to have more diverse formatting option. If we talk about driving information, Bard is a few steps ahead than ChatGPT in terms of providing high quality and fresh responses. Bard has shown its credibility as a Launchpad for curiosity to explain new discoveries from NASA on galaxy or black hole.

Is Gemini Better than Bard?

If you are looking to solve tasks, requiring natural language processing and understanding, Gemini can be your ultimate AI tool. On the other hand, Bard is known to be helpful on the context of creative writing endeavors like generating poetry, stories, and creative content. Thus, if you particularly need guidance in natural language understanding and generation, Gemini will make it ideal for tasks like text summarization, language translation, and content generation. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze and generate text that is coherent and contextually relevant. Gemini's interface is user-friendly, allowing easy input and retrieval of information. Though Gemini and Bard both are excellent AI tools, yet we can say that Gemini is a much bold and innovative tool available these days.

Why Does Google Bard Get Renamed as Gemini?

Google renamed Google Bard to Gemini on February 8 ,2024 in order to make a significant advancement to the core of Bard and its application. You must be aware of the fact that when Google Bard first launched almost a year ago, it had some major flaws. Since then, there had been several attempts being made by Google to minimize those flaws. And by Feb 2024 Google is all set with two large language model (LLM) upgrades and several updates, and the new name Gemini to leave the past reputation.

What were the Major Flaws of Bard?

Basically, Google's BARD (Battlefield Augmented Reality Dealer) was a project intended to bring augmented reality (AR) to military training. However, the project faced several major flaws. Some of the major flaws were its technical difficulties comprising of several issues with accuracy and reliability of AR overlays onto the physical environment. Secondly BARD was expensive, mainly due to the need for high-end hardware and sophisticated software. Thirdly the system of Bard was complex and not user friendly which made it less practical for widespread use and deployment.

How Effectively Does a Gemini Chatbot Works?

Initially while Gemini was known to be Bard, its system used a lightweight model version of LaMDA that required less computing power and could be scaled to more users. However, Gemini chatbot operates effectively in various contexts, one of its appealing applications is known to be in natural language understanding and generation. For instance, it excels in customer service by promptly responding to inquiries and providing relevant information. Whether it's resolving issues with a product or assisting with account-related queries, Gemini demonstrates its ability to comprehend user input and deliver accurate responses. Moreover, in educational settings, Gemini aids students in understanding complex concepts by providing explanations and answering questions in a clear and concise manner. Nevertheless, to say that it is a valuable tool for various applications with incredible capacity to understand and generate human-like responses.

Google Gemini AI Model Specification

 With a vast array of parameters and layers, Gemini AI model can efficiently process vast amounts of data, enabling it to discern nuanced meanings and context within text inputs. At Google I/O 2023, Google unveiled PaLM 2, a significant upgrade to its Gemini AI model that was aimed at enhancing chatbot capabilities. PaLM 2, short for "Path-Aware Language Model," represents a breakthrough in natural language understanding and generation, PaLM 2 integrates advancements in machine learning techniques, making interactions with users more seamless and engaging. With such noteworthy advancement on machine learning system LaMDA, PaLM 2, and Gemini has set new standards in chatbot technology, delivering more intuitive and human-like conversational experiences.

How or Where can I Access Google Gemini Chatbot?

Currently known to be the best chatbot of 2024, Google Gemini it has a limited numbers of users in the US and UK on a rolling basis, since its announcement on March 21, 2023 by Google. So, by now the wait is almost going to be over! So, pull your sleeves on to access Gemini via desktop or even on your mobile phone via the newly unveiled Gemini Android app. According to the latest communication via Google it has been confirmed that Android users will have the option to download the Gemini app from the Google Play Store or opt-in through Google Assistant. So, once you are done with downloading the Gemini App you will be able to access Gemini's assistance from the app. Thereafter you can harness the power of Gemini simply by pressing the power button, corner swiping, or even saying "Hey Google."

Is Gemini Available in English Language?

Yes, off course and not only that, to your surprise it is available in 40 different languages. The full language list, as shared by Google, includes: Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified / Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Farsi, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

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