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If you are a YouTuber or one of its two billion logged-in users, you should know about its three updates for live streams. It will improve the quality of the billion videos streamed on the world's second most used social platform. Also, these three updates may increase the number of channels with over one million subscribers'' already increasing 65% year on year. Every minute 500 hours of video gets uploaded on YouTube every minute, and these three updates may make them more of an interactive experience.

Though some consider the three new YouTube updates as its path to feature parity with Twitch, it will surely help creators interact with their audience easily. The latest updates are exclusively for live streams for YouTubers to keep their audience throughout the broadcast. While one update extends the existing feature, the two others will bring in additional brand features for live streaming on YouTube. But these new updates may enable YouTubers to stream videos to live, earn more than before, and the audience may watch quality content.

Hence, here's more information for you on these YouTube updates for streaming live videos easier, faster to earn more money, and entertain the audience better.

Chats to have live polls

Audience opinions will help any YouTuber like data on the content to improve it making it better. And this is what YouTube intends to do with its new feature of live polls in chat. Though it is available now only for computers and not mobiles, later YouTube may extend it for mobile also. The polls can have two to four options to ask the audience their opinion about the current topic of discussion. Also, it is possible to see these options live and not in live chat replays. The following steps will help you to create a live poll in chat.

  • Start a live stream or schedule a premiere.
  • Tap Create a poll at the bottom of the chat window
  • Create the poll with 2 to 4 options for the audience
  • Select Ask Your Community
  • See the results by tapping End Poll on the banner at the top of the chat.

Chat only for Subscribers

To earn, YouTubers should have a minimum of 1,000 subscribers to take part in the YouTube Partner Program. And the best way to increase the subscribers may be to use the extra feature updated on YouTube. It is the Subscriber-only chat that will help to moderate the live chat and to create more connections. It is easy to enable this feature directly from Live Control Room settings while setting up live stream or broadcasting live. The following steps will help you start the subscribers-only chat.

  • Start first by going to the Live Control Room
  • Click Edit from the live stream
  • Next, click Live Chat
  • Select Subscribers under "Who can send a message."
  • Click Save
  • There is also an option to choose the time for viewers to subscribe to this feature for sending live chat messages. Also, it is possible to notify the audience that the subscribers-only chat is on.

    Expanding clips

    From January last year, only a test group of YouTubers was given to use clips. It is now expanded to ten times more than those already using it. Since the number of the test group is unknown, the exact number of the beneficiaries is also unknown. But this expansion of the clip will enable many to have more viewers and subscribers to earn more money. They can now clip a precise part or exact moment from the video and share it with others.

    Since many videos run for a longer time for viewers to avoid, these clips may increase viewers and subscribers to benefit the YouTubers directly. In addition, these YouTube clips range from 5 to 60 seconds for easy sharing with a unique URL that can link back to the creator's YouTube channel. Thus, any viewer watching these clips can share them with anyone, and even the creator can share them with others to increase revenue.

    The clips intended for live streams only until now are now expanded for regular video uploads as well. It is not the same as YouTube Shorts, which is a new way to create videos. But clips are a new way to repurpose the existing content to maximize the viewers. When YouTubers enable their channel with clips, viewers can select the icon on the videos for choosing the portion for turning it into a clip.

    The clip will continuously loop for playing the original videos' watch page. And all the viewer clips metrics get attributed to the original video. Content marketers can benefit from the expansion of clips with its far and fast reach among viewers as it is easy to share with third-party platforms.

    The above details of the three recent YouTube updates will help content marketers, and YouTubers earn more money and help the audience take part in the polls, chat with subscribers, and see quick clips.

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