According to consumer psychologist Paul Marsden, it takes about 66 days for someone to acquire a new habit and continue doing it when not coerced. The long home quarantine or stay home & stay safe recommendations persist, the more likely it is that changes we’re seeing in consumer behaviours will stick.

A consumer who has been more cautious previously with eCommerce and online payments are now left with no choice to adapt it as wide swaths of the industry have transformed in the light of this pandemic COVID-19. eCommerce stores have become the new formal as the world struggles to maintain safe physical distancing.

Now almost 95 % of consumers have planned to avoid public places. Media consumption is exploding widely. Almost 75 % of consumers are now using social media regularly, and there are only 4% of brands who don’t want to advertise now. Most of the people are looking now to brands to get useful and helpful information.

During this shift from offline to online- search and the optimization of content that delivers the best search results is very crucial. As consumers seek information about how businesses are handling COVID-19 restrictions, evaluate their option to buying essential needs, adapt to remote work and try their very best to stay informed and entertained, the search is now important than ever.

The perceptions that SEO provides about buyer’s behaviour is vital in times of volatility and demand fluctuation -especially in real-time. SEO is suggesting and helping businesses through these critical economic conditions, from turning to protecting the brand and positioning their products and services for success in the future.

Here’s why:

Search has an oversized channel share

When we look at online traffic stats, 83% of search traffic is organic and only 17% comes from paid search. But in current, several companies have stopped this paid activity due to Coronavirus related business interruptions. This is time to revaluate how your paid strategy supports organic, how can you drive more traffic to your best content, feeding consumer’s need for media to consume while furthering your brand goals.

SEO provides you with excellent long-term traffic equity

While SEO requires an honest investment of resources including your time, these earned search engine rankings can stay with you for years. The content you create and optimize today will serve your brand in the future and can be updated to reflect evolving business goals throughout the economic recovery. In the same way, now you have an opportunity to review your top-performing content, update them and optimize according to the current conditions.

SEO helps to enhance user-experience

Applying best SEO practices to optimize your site and content has the additional benefit of improving UX. Your website looks more organized and easier to navigate as you properly mark up, structure, tag and otherwise optimize content. Evaluate your site from a user’s perspective and check if there are opportunities to improve navigation and accessibility.

SEO helps you in conversion optimization as well

Throughout the process of planning and creating content, SEO experts in India are constantly thinking about how to help a prospect to take the next step in their path to conversion. With consumer’s high needs and demand during COVID-19, it’s the right time to fill gaps in your customer journey with some quality contents.

Depending on the type of business you are in and extends to which your business has been affected, this may not even be the time to convert any prospect to sale. However, for the time being, you may re-optimize and convert them to another action that will deepen your relationship with clients and make them stay until sales of your business become possible again.

SEO provides local to global reach

Whether you are a local retail store or a global franchise, your customers are looking for you online now. Depending on the source available at local, this is a good time for local stakeholders to optimize their site and content for their specific city or region and come in top results. Or you may also find that resources are available at corporate to support the brand with thought leadership content that can be promoted globally.

SEO is important for the overall strategy

You must maintain your SEO strategy even in uncertain times. SEO is front and centre of digital marketing strategies that include a variety of channels such as local, mobile, video, email, paid media and verticals such as Amazon and eCommerce.

It is particularly important right now that your content delivers consumers to the answer or information they expected to see when they clicked on your ad or listing. Make sure all your outdated landing pages are updated or removed and redirected. Go over your social media accounts with a critical eye and ensure the information in your business descriptions is accurate considering COVID-related operational changes. Where and wherever a searcher finds your brand, make sure you’re still offering an experience that instils trust.

Use SEO to protect and pivot for post-pandemic success

SEO is the best choice among all digital marketing activities for tackling and responding to ongoing COVID-19 related business interruptions with more speed and efficiency. We don’t know when the current situations will end, but we know that this will end- or at least relax somewhat. As the conditions change, SEO services in India is still the most effective method to understand and respond to customer’s needs now and in future.

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