The user experience within Google searches will now be evaluated from the quality of the websites, do you want to know how it works? In this note, we tell you all the details.

Google announced one of its new algorithms designed to evaluate web pages based on the behaviour that users have when they enter and navigate the site. It will carefully evaluate if the people who visit your site are having an ideal experience, which will be measured by a set of metrics called core values.

Within Google’s updates, this is called Google Page Experience, and it is projected to be implemented sometime in 2021, so it is essential that your website is aligned to all the conditions that are evaluated. You have the time to prepare! keep in mind that the consumption habits of citizens, in general, are being transformed and the number of people who choose to buy online, find out, and interact with brands in a totally digital way is increasing.

Google, within the updates, has announced that the experience is not a classification score since each element has its own weight and this is evaluated by the algorithm in general. For this reason, in this note, we will tell you the aspects that you should consider and which are the most important factors.

What is the experience of your website?

Each section, level, or page that make up your website, not just the homepage, must be designed to meet the expectations and needs of users. Navigation must be friendly, simple, and fluid so that the user feels comfortable and easily finds what they are looking for, that the architecture is clear, the information is punctual, the design is visually attractive, consistent with the products and services., and that its loading time does not exceed 2 seconds, among other aspects.

Google Page Experience

undoubtedly makes all brands consider their SEO strategy. The big bet is based on offering a better user experience on all platforms and browsers, because before reinforcing backlink actions, Google assured that it will give higher priority to those who have gained greater empathy with the consumer.

Think that when a person enters a web page, they are necessarily looking for something, be it valuable information, product or service and that your page has a clear and simple hierarchy and architecture that allows it to be easily found, among other factors.

What are the most important factors?

Charging performance

As the loading time increases, the possibility that the user will quit increases. From 1 to 3 seconds there is a 32% probability, from 4 to 5 seconds it is 90%, from 5 to 6 seconds it is 106% and from 6 to 10 seconds it is 123%.

According to the metrics produced by various studies, this must occur within 2.5 seconds after entering or clicking. Otherwise, they will want to get out quickly and this will cause you to lose a potential customer. What you should keep in mind is that to optimize the speed of your page it is important to reduce the errors it produces as much as possible (heavy images, broken links, intrusive advertising, etc.

Friendly for mobile devices

You should know that nowadays there are more people who surf the internet through smartphones. According to studies conducted by GSMA Intelligence DATA and Ericson Mobilitu Report Data, there are about 5.19 billion mobile phone users, with a steady growth of 2.4% compared to 2019. But a website that is not ready for mobile devices runs the risk of losing visitors. Have you thought about how your website looks from your cell phone? Is it responsive?

Check that your website is optimized for mobile devices, otherwise, you will be stepping behind other companies and they will not be competitive enough on the Internet.

The content is still essential

Now, we have already heard about previous updates from Google such as the initial launch of Panda, HTTPS, or Google BERT, but in this the content is still the main premise and in which, although the experience is poor, it will still allow you to occupy prominent places in the search engine.

“While all components of the page experience are important, we will rank the pages with the best overall information, even if some aspects of the page experience are poor. A good page experience does not negate great content and relevance. However, in cases where there are multiple pages that have similar content, the experience becomes much more important for search visibility, “Google wrote when discussing the new algorithm.

Metrics that makeup Core Web Vitals

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) or the rendering of the largest element with content: measures how quickly the main content of a web page loads. To provide a good user experience, LCP must occur within 5 seconds of the first-page load.
  • First Input Delay (FID) or latency of the first interaction: measures the interactivity and the load response capacity by evaluating the users’ attempt to interact with pages. To provide a good user experience, pages must have an FID of less than 100 milliseconds.
  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) or accumulated design changes: it measures visual stability because in some cases it happens that something changes suddenly and bursts into the user’s navigation, for example, when they want to click on a section and for a moment to another there is an inexplicable jump that causes the page to reload. To provide a good user experience, pages must maintain a CLS of less than 1.

Get ready for this update!

Among other things, the user experience is made up of several factors in which the content also plays a vital role, it is in charge, not only of positioning yourself in search engines but also of providing visitors with valuable information that allows them to strengthen links, know the benefits of your services and products. In our digital marketing agency, for example, the experts execute all the strategies based on the users, in providing an excellent experience in each of the communication channels.

When the visual and the content, in general, have great prominence, creativity and innovation must be premises for your page to be stable, solid, safe and everything revolves around the engagement of your brand. However, if your page is not offering factors that allow an excellent experience, your efforts will not be of much use. By 2021 take your company to the next level, remember that our digital agency in India offers you all the services of a 360 online strategy. We use all the tools in favour of the growth of your brand, always looking to be prepared for future updates.

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