The right sidebar featured snippet is no more available and has been shifted to the main results column on last Thursday i.e. 19th January, a Google spokesperson confirmed. This change is a part of Google’s featured snippet deduplication, which began in Jan 2020.

Before January 2020, the URL for featured snippets would display twice on the first results page of search engines: once as a featured snippet and another time in the regular organic listing.

But from the last week, it has been eventually moved to main results column.

Following are the images sourced from Google that can help you to better understand.

The screenshot before deduplication shows a right sidebar featured snippet for the query “pulp fiction brett.”

Right Sidebar Featured Snippet

This screenshot, taken after deduplication, shows the same featured snippet in the main results column.

Featured Snippet in Main Results Column

Why SEO companies in India need to care about this?

For those who used to have a right side-bar featured snippet, now it will be available only once in the main page of search engine results. Now when this featured snipper has become a part of the main results, of course, the other organic rankings will go down on the page.

Whether you own the featured snippet or another result on a page that has a deduplicated featured snippet, monitor your Google analytics report and check out how much this new update has impacted your traffic and CTR rates.

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