Finally, Google has confirmed the long-awaited Google Page Experience has begun to roll out.

As per the latest reports, Google has started rolling out the update for the Google Page Experience and will end by August 2021. The update will be slowly available for global users. Top Stories of Google are the first to use Google Page Experience from the upcoming Thursday.

What's The Latest Update Regarding Google Page Experience?

As per the official announcement, 'Google Page Experience will be present in the Google algorithms ranking system from the third week of June 2021. Nevertheless, Google Page Experience won't decide the rankings until the end of August month. This will be like an additional flavor added to your dish for enhancing the overall taste. Google Page Experience would be slowly taking part in the Google algorithms.'

The websites won't be seeing any significant difference after the release of this update. However, any technical issue or fluctuations occurring on the websites will be fixed in the beta version.

Back in November 2020, Google released the notification to rolling out this latest update at the beginning of 2021. Nevertheless, much information wasn't available regarding this update, and the release date was also delayed due to the pandemic.

In our opinion, Google Page Experience will be pretty advantageous for the website owners because some new features will be added to the Google algorithm.

So are you still wondering what's present in the latest update of the Google Page Experience? Below, we're mentioning about what's present in the newest update of the Google Page Experience.

A Brief Overview Of The Google Page Experience Update

The page experience is all about newly launched several signals that enhance the overall browsing of the users. These signals will assess the pages and generate a page experience score. Website owners can view such scores in their Search Console.

For improving the overall page experience, have a look at the below pointers.

HTTPS Usage: The page should be able to serve HTTPS for delivering the best page experience status.

Security Pages: Security issues occurring on your website will decrease your website's overall user experience page.

Mobile Usability: All the pages on your website shouldn't have mobile usability issues.

Ads Experience: Websites cannot use black hat marketing techniques to interrupt and disrupt the user attention. Above all, none of the elements should be present on the websites that ruin the overall user experience.

One biggest announcement is websites owners no longer have to rely on AMP after the release of Google Page Experience. Instead, the AMP icon will be excluded from the search badge from the search results. Above all, AMP content should be considered by the website owners.

Nevertheless, initially, the effect of this latest update can be only seen in the mobile search results. Google is also requesting the website owners not to panic if they aren't ready to accept Google Page Experience.

The Takeaway

Many other things will be revealed about Google regarding their latest Google Page Experience. Of course, it's too early to judge the impact and advantages, but indeed this newest update will be advantageous for everyone.

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