At the beginning of 2020, Google Chrome announced they are banning third-party cookies by the ending of 2023. Third-party cookies are very annoying and also affect the user experience. Google has taken this move just to secure the users' privacy.

Nevertheless, Google also relies on third-party cookies for advertisement and promotion purposes. By blocking these cookies, Google also has to sacrifice some revenue.

You might be wondering why Google is blocking these third-party cookies even after getting some good revenue from them. So without further ado, we're mentioning the potential reasons why Google is blocking the third-party cookies.

Lack Of User Interest

Do you love to accept cookies when you browse different sites? The answer is undoubtedly 'No,' and you probably deny accepting these cookies. You'll be surprised to know that many other browsers have already blocked third-party cookies, Google Chrome is still running them.

Apple was the first to start blocking third-party cookies, and everyone started following this trend. As per the experts, if Chrome will permanently block third-party cookies by 2023, they might lose valuable consumers.

Enhanced Regulation

There are different state and federal rules to run them on the search engines when it comes to third-party cookies. Despite these laws, third-party cookies are one of the crucial components of Google's advertising model worldwide. You visit any website, and the advertisers' cookies will record your details.

Nevertheless, GDPR supports third-party cookies, but the advertiser has to follow all the rules and regulations. Above all, the set of guidelines is very strict, and advertisers think twice before following them.

Sometimes, advertisers don't opt for running cookies just because of these guidelines, and they prefer other advertising methods.

Unfortunately, advertisers are often responsible for running those third-party cookies and ruining the user experience. As a result, Google is blocking the third-party cookies to make things easier for the advertisers and users.

Advertising Agencies Considering Third-Party Cookies as a Major Threat

For advertisers, the revenue generated by Google ads is somewhat also dependent on third-party cookies. Believe it or not, these third-party cookies supported by Google allow Facebook and other platforms to gather enormous data of the users, and still, advertisers are blamed.

As a result, the American Association of Advertising Agencies and The Association of National Advertising have stated third-party cookies as a major threat to the entire community.

These advertising agencies have indicated that third-party cookies are disrupting the overall infrastructure of the internet. Above all, these third-party cookies are disallowing the startups and solopreneurs to compete in the online market.

Final Thoughts

However, the reasons mentioned above might or might not be the reasons for blocking the third-party cookies. Google has only stated 'user privacy' as the significant reason to block the third-party cookies by 2023. Nevertheless, the exit of third-party cookies is beneficial for the ecosystem, users, and advertisers.

So, now let's see what will be the alternatives of third-party cookies in the upcoming years.

Dev Bhushan

Dev Bhushan

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06 Aug 2021


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