Google advanced image research

Google advanced image research

If you have tried finding various images on google, you might have been mindlessly scrolling through thousands of images. By doing an advanced google image search, you can filter tons of images without wasting your hours.

You can use a set of instructions to customize your google searches. These instructions are called commands or search operators. Users use these instructions because they don't want to surf the internet from front to end.

If you want to spy on your competitor and think you are not getting enough information, the perfect solution would be doing a google advanced image search. 

When you are using an advanced google image search, there are various kinds of search operators to filter the results -

Exact search operator

 Users use exact search phrases to let google know that they want results for specific words. Here, you put specific words in quotation marks.

Example - 'Dropshipping apps'

OR search operator

If you want to search for multiple search items, you can narrow your image search using the OR operator. OR operator is good to use when the user does not know the best phrase.

Example - French press or Cafeteria

Exclusive search

The searcher can use this operator to exclude certain items from the search. You can conduct deep research by excluding certain items.

Related Search

Here, you can do a google image search using a related search

Example -

Step by Step guide on how to use google advanced image search

  • Head over to and select images in the top right corner of the screen
finding various images on google
  • When you hover over to the images tab, you can filter out which type of images you want.
filter out which type of images you want

You can select images based on size, color, type, time, and usage rights.

filter out which type of images you want

Size - The user can filter the images based on various sizes such as large, medium , icon

Color - Users can get images with specific colors such as black and white, transparent

Type - Here, you can specify the format of the image, such as clipart, line drawing, or GIF

Time: Users can tell google what type of images they want. They can apply a filter and get the images based on the period, such as the past week, past 24 hours, past month, past year, etc.

Usage rights - Google allows users to choose images that are either available for commercial use or ones that do not have any license

  • When the user wants to include or exclude specific words and make the image search more effective, click on the quick settings icon.
specific words and make the image search more effective
  • Now, click on the advanced search icon, and a full window will open where you can get precise results for your images.
  • Google allows users to find images using any of the options mentioned below:
  • All these words
  • Exact word or phrase
  • Any of these words
  • None of these words
google search

You can use these search operators/commands to level up your image search game.

Furthermore, Google does not limit you to these results only. You can filter those images based on region, aspect ratio, image size, color, type of image, etc.

Now, your advanced google image search is complete!

Why use google advanced image search?

Identify competitors

Knowing who your competitors are can help you tweak your business strategy.

 If you want to find competitors in your niche or industry, then doing an image search can level up your game of competitor research. You can find competitors, analyze your competitor strategies and frame your strategies accordingly.

Doing competitor research can inspire you to plan for your next visual content.

For example - If you sell laptops for an e-commerce site, you could conduct competitor research using the search operator 'exact word or phrase.'

Observe what kind of images your competitors use, whether they use infographics, and how they name their images.

Use reverse image search for guest blogging.

Guest blogging is an effective strategy to establish yourself as a thought leader. If you want qualified traffic to your site, use reverse image search to find guest blogging opportunities.

By doing a reverse image search, you can find the headshot of the person who writes articles.

An effective image search allows you to analyze what your competitors are doing and what type of content they are posting.

Write better product descriptions.

It is good for finding out keywords. Type in a specific keyword related to the product available. You can see what type of images competitors are using. Effective product analysis allows businesses to craft compelling and well-researched product descriptions.

Wrapping up

Now, you might know how to make your advanced image search more effective. The above strategies will help you to figure out the right keywords for your product descriptions and help you create better visuals for your marketing purpose.

Dev Bhushan

Dev Bhushan

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10 Apr 2023


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