Your search to know the ways for improving E-A-T for the best YMYL pages ends here. YMYL is the acronym for Your Money Your Life first used by Google in its 2013 version of search quality evaluator guidelines. Google created these guidelines for teaching its search quality evaluators team to evaluate the PQ or page quality and provide feedback on the search results' quality and webpages. Google's E-A-T is a complex array of indicators for signaling expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the website and its content creators. Though they do not ensure ranking, they help search quality evaluators update algorithms.  

So, check out the YMYL pages and the many ways to improve E-A-T for a better ranking of your site with effective SEO strategies and practices.

Why does Google want E-A-T for YMYL pages?

Before jumping into knowing what YMYL pages are and why Google wants E-A-T. . There are around 24 million ecommerce sites worldwide selling products and services. In the pandemic hit 2020 worldwide, two billion people purchased products and services online for the e-retail sales to surpass 4.2 trillion dollars. Many people believe the online content spends their hard-earned money buying various products and services. Hence, they need to have the precise information to trust and buy them. Any misinformation about them could lead to people losing their money buying inferior products. It is the same for having the right information on health, finance, politics, business, etc. Hence Google wants its search quality evaluators to check for E-A-T for YMYL pages for the information to be true and from reputed sources. Only then can people rely on online information for buying products and their well-being. 

What are YMYL pages?

Section 7.2 of Google's search quality evaluator guidelines specifies PQ as vital as YMYL or your money and your life pages. It says that YMYL pages affect the well-being of people now and in the future. A few of it include safety, financial, safety, and others. And Google expects YMYL pages to come from reputed sites and the content creators to have a higher level of authority and expertise. In general terms, YMYL pages sell products and provide services that impact users' health, safety, happiness, and financial stability. Any misinformation on these pages of medical advice, financial recommendations, and others will have serious implications on the searchers' life and livelihood. 

What is E-A-T?

Google's E-A-T principle rewards sites producing high-quality content that provide the best answers for relevant search queries. It is also to reduce the visibility of the low-quality content and the website. Google wants E-A-T or expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness for the YMYL pages. As said before, they do not directly help in rankings but provide insights into what Google considers as the best user experience. E-A-T is a concept or principle of Google to determine whether your business or site and its content. And it is not easy to replicate it as it is not a single source or metric but what information that Google evaluators gather around the web to improve the algorithms that determine the ranking of Google pages. 


Ten ways to improve E-A-T for YMYL pages

Many like you want to improve E-A-T for YMYL pages to satisfy readers and achieve on-page SEOs. However, it is easier said than done as per the insights of Google's John Mueller on the importance of E-A-T for YMYL sites in Google Search Central SEO hangout in 2021. He said that it is not one simple approach to improve E-A-T, especially for the medical content. Further, he said that the content and site improve the E-A-T according to how the search quality evaluators perceive it to provide feedback to algorithms that determine the rankings. He also said it is not about tactics but legitimate business backed by trustworthy sources. Hence the following ways will help you to improve E-A-T for YMYL pages. 

  • As per Mueller's words, it is better not to use any tactics to trick the Google algorithms, but it is content created by professionals like doctors for medical advice and others.

  • The site or its content should ensure that the information will not help people reading and using it but should help them live and have a good livelihood.

  • Should take utmost care and concern in providing precise information for the users to feel safe of using it to buy products or services

  • For demonstrating the expertise part of E-A-T, Google wants only SMEs or subject matter experts to write the information and expects "everyday expertise" for topics that require less formal information without going into technical details for the common reader not to understand it.

  • Should provide links to websites that have relevant, precise, comprehensive, and useful content for people to get accurate answers for their queries rather than linking to useless, inaccurate, and outdate content

  • In terms of authoritativeness, it is essential to satisfy Google, which will search for the reputation of the subject area from many sources to confirm it.

  • For trustworthiness, it is essential to highlight the content creators' credentials and any awards, endorsements, testimonials, and others to trust the brand.

  • Ensure that the site updates vital content with the latest information and news regularly to keep an update of the developments for the users to benefit from it

  • Do not publish any information that contradicts the recommendations and avoid misinformation or irrelevant information.

  • Consider the many factors of Google for determining the YMYL pages and only post content required by them and avoid those that are not required. 

The above facts and ways will surely help you improve E-A-T for YMYL pages and for others to take care of the safety of the users' lives and livelihood to make it better than worse. And Google considers E-A-T as a vital factor though not for ranking but for providing important feedback to search quality evaluators to determine the algorithms for ranking the content.

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