SEO Packages

Search engines are one of the main ways people search for products and services. So everyone wants to score high in Google to bring in new customers. It is not easy to achieve a top position without using the right SEO techniques. Your competition is also not standing still, which is why you have to work on your website every month to maintain your position and improve it where necessary.

How can SEO Packages Boost traffic and increase your online sales?

Continuous work on better findability in the search engines through SEO packages is a requirement in the present time. Investing time in your website is a constant factor.

Our SEO packages are based on periodic activities, linked to a time investment per month. We analyze the results monthly and determine the next steps based on that. This is how you can get the best of an SEO.
The SEO packages we will provide you are:

  • Standard package – Minimum priced suitable for beginners and new websites.
  • Growth package – Along with the base package features, it offers a more moderate level and works well behind your website and best SEO package for small businesses.
  • Complete package- In this, we take care of all your competitors and their performance and update the layout of the website regularly.

SEO services packages from SEM Reseller.

Search engine marketing is a valuable marketing channel for small and large companies that are guaranteed to deliver immediate results.
We can help you with:

  • Search engine marketing strategy, tactics, and execution
  • Competition analysis
  • Ad creation and optimization
  • ROI and ROAS measurements and optimization tips
  • Data-driven keyword and keyword research
  • Continuous campaign follow-up and reporting

What makes your Search Engine Optimization packages so special?

Our search engine optimization agency specialized in data-driven search engine optimizations, making it one of India's best SEO packages.

  • First, we ensure that your website is technically in order so that Google can properly index it; this is the first part of on-site SEO.
  • We start with a technical SEO audit for existing websites. During this SEO audit, we look at all technical factors that influence the ranking in Google.
  • Then we prioritize the search engine optimizations according to your target group's search intentions in all steps of the customer journey.

At regular intervals, we provide you with tailor-made SEO advice for your company's website, which comes in Our SEO services packages.

What is the difference between your SEO packages?

We have three services packages, and you can choose from them according to your need; along with the difference in SEO package prices, they vary in many more ways.

Standard package

The basic SEO package is ideal for positioning companies and SMEs, professional sites, and niche e-commerce. In general, those sites are based on a few keywords (keywords) in a market with low and medium competition.

Growth package

The high-profile SEO package, designed for those who want to dominate the Google results pages with multiple keywords in very competitive fields. It's also perfect for less strong competition, but you want to get a lot of natural traffic, despite the competitors.

Complete package

Positioning and Web Marketing Package - the package with all the optimization and marketing operations are necessary to rank the site on Google's first page. It is perfect for those sectors where competition is strong, and you need to position yourself with more keywords.

What do our search engine optimizations include?

In our quality SEO packages, we can help you with:

  • Search engine optimization or SEO campaign management
  • Infrastructure and website analysis
  • Link profile audit
  • Identifying dead links
  • UX evaluation
  • Google Analytics setup
  • SEO toolbox selection and integration with existing software
  • General SEO support

We deliver our search engine optimization services with:

  • The best data-driven search engine optimization specialists
  • The best copywriters for SEO
  • Certified Google Analytics specialists

How do I determine the best SEO package?

SEO Packaging choice depends on several factors. For example, the difficulty of a keyword is decisive and the number of keywords. Keywords with a lot of competition take more time and effort than keywords with little competition. The website itself also plays a significant role in the story. Has it been optimized, and does it meet the guidelines? Also, Is it an existing website or a new one, and thus packages are customized according to individual choice.

Do you need advice or help with the package choice? Then contact us. You can, of course, also be called back.

SEO Packages $199/Mo $350/Mo $550/Mo $899/Mo
Keyphrases Plan Up to 20 Up to 40 Up to 60 Up to 80
1st Page Keyphrases Guarantee (%)* 20% 30% 40% 50%
Website Analysis check check check check
Backlink Audit check check check check
Competitors Analysis 2 3 3 4
Keyphrases Research & Selection check check check check
Baseline Ranking Check check check check check
Content Analysis check check check check
Google Penality Check check check check check
Canonicalization Analysis check check check check
Header Tag Optimization check check check check
Content Optimization check check check check
Image Optimization check check check check
Pages Optimized Upto 20 Upto 40 Upto 60 Upto 80
Robots.txt Setup & Analysis check check check check
Website Analysis check check check check
Navigation Analysis & Suggestion check check check check
Internal Linking & Anchor Text Optimization check check check check
Google Webmaster Setup check check check check
Desktop Page Speed Optimization remove check check check
Mobile Speed Audit remove remove check check
Google Analytics & Goal Setup check check check check
Bing Webmaster Setup check check check check
HTML Sitemap Creation remove check check check
Google My Business optimization (if needed) remove check check check
Information Architecture Audit check check check check
Link Redirect Audit check check check check
Duplicate Content Analysis check check check check
Schema Implementation remove check check check
No-follow External Link Analysis check check check check
URL Structure Analysis check check check check
Article Writing & Submission 1 1 2 3
Blog Writing & Posting 1 2 4 6
Press Relese Writng & Posting remove 1 2 3
Classified Writing & Submission 2 4 6 8
PPT Creation & Posting 1 2 3 4
Inforgraphic Creation & Posting remove remove 1 1
Guest Blog Writing & Posting remove 1 1 2
PDF Creation & Posting remove 1 1 2
Image Promotion remove check check check
Video Promotion* check check check check
Q&A Submission 1 2 3 4
Google Local Page Set-up check check check check
Business Listing 5 7 10 14
Review Posting check check check check
Monthly Work Report check check check check
Traffic Report check check check check
Keywords Ranking Report check check check check
Competitors’ rankings on a monthly basis remove check check check
Competitors’ website changes on a monthly basis remove check check check
Email, Chat, Phone check check check check
Dedicated Internet Marketer check check check check
Project Management Tool Tracking check check check check
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do SEO techniques operate?

With SEO, we try to make a website appear in the search results and possible. We don't directly line with Google or a magic wand for this. No, with our monthly SEO packages, we have to consider various factors that influence our position within the search results. In total, according to Google, 200 factors play a role in determining the search results and their order.

Why invest in an SEO package?

Every website has a goal. For many, this ensures that sales go up and the company, therefore, performs better and can continue to grow. The website will only attract new customers if the customers can also find the website. So, people have to come across the website when googling. Suppose the website has a good position in the Google search engine, the chance of new potential customers increases. Investing in SEO packages is, therefore, rewarding. SEO (search engine optimization) ensures a better position and contributes to more customers.

Is SEO right for me?

It does not matter whether you as an entrepreneur want to acquire customers, sell products or services, or generate more newsletter subscribers. For this, you need visitors who come to your website. That is why SEO is essential, and you can choose among various types of SEO packages. It works like this: search engines like Google are nowadays used for almost every question or search for a product or service when people enter a specific keyword, Google checks which websites have the best match, which helps you get a good ranking in search results.

Will SEO increase our leads?

A solid 90% of the users start their journey on Google even if they make the purchase offline. Search engine optimization is therefore essential for lead generation. A company looking for leads will implement specific SEO strategies to get people to the site. Using our quality SEO packages to generate leads is an excellent goal for anyone looking to expand their market share.

Are you going to change the structure of my website?

We will not be going to change your website's structure; instead, we will do an accurate optimization of your website. Website optimization is a continuous process of adjusting the website to rank higher in search engines. Optimization ensures that search engines such as Google understand precisely what information you have on your website. The better they can place this, the better you will be positioned.

Besides the fact that optimization is good for SEO, it also contributes to the website visitor's user-friendliness.

Can we expect a healthy ROI from your SEO packages?

Search engine optimization activities can work towards several different goals. Let's single out four main types of profit, but mostly not "monetary," which can be obtained from investments in promotion:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Get your new leads.
  • Increasing your online sales and revenue.
  • More phone calls, more visits. For regional and several other companies, ROI will be related to actual contact with the audience.

Why shouldn’t you hire a cheap SEO provider?

When it comes to hiring cheap SEO packages, you should be skeptical. Such agencies often focus on sales, often at the expense of technical support after the contract has been signed or insufficient SEO know-how. We focus on pushing advertising or offering services at a low price just to drive sales. It is a very order-driven approach that is often associated with quantity instead of quality and can lead to a significant loss.

Are your SEO packages customized for each client?

We offer customized packages for every client as we believe SEO services should always be individual. Every company's strengths and weaknesses differ. In most cases of SEO packages, this means that a company pays for services that it either does not need or could do better on its own - while, on the other hand, SEO gaps go unnoticed. Tailor-made SEO packages are much more fruitful than flat SEO packages.

How your SEO services are different from others?

  • We think before we act. We load your brands from plan to practice.
  • Everything revolves around giving your product or service a 'remarkable' distinction in our affordable SEO packages.
  • Working on your Strategy & Concept means a long-term collaboration. Together we help you shine.

Don't hesitate, put on your entrepreneurial shoes and call or email. We are very curious about the challenging goals you want to achieve for your service or product with Strategy & Concept.