Digital Marketing for Accountants: 8 Strategies to Use

Digital Marketing strategies are essential for any business that wants to increase its number of customers and to consolidate the market.

However, such strategies must be implemented after much study and planning within a company. Today, many companies have understood the power that Digital Marketing has in their market strategies. And, within this strategy, several practices can be performed to increase the reach of a business.

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What are the best Digital Marketing strategies?

As previously stated, many entrepreneurs associate a Digital Marketing strategy with the creation of a profile on social networks. Such an association is not wrong, but the use of social media is only one aspect of Marketing.

That is, a company, understanding what its needs are, can invest in the strategy that best meets its objectives.

In the vast majority of cases, marketing strategies are used by an accounting firm to prospect for new customers and market authority.

Therefore, if you want a greater promotion of your services, Digital Marketing appears as a business partner. He is responsible for increasing the visibility of an accounting firm. Which makes it a means for growing a business.

Therefore, find out below the main Digital Marketing strategies and define the one that makes the most sense with your proposal.

Inbound Marketing

Also known as Attraction Marketing, Inbound aims to attract your leads and turn them into customers. This whole process is done according to the content that your accounting office produces.

Inbound Marketing aims to win over customers from what they choose to absorb. Which directly contributes to selecting the public that comes into contact with your accounting.

In this way, Inbound Marketing is presented in 5 stages, they are Attraction, conversion, relationship, enchantment, and analysis.

By understanding how to apply them, it is already possible to invest in other Digital Marketing strategies, such as social networks and SEO.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the best-known strategies in the digital world. Its focus is on educating your audience.

That is, it brings relevant information about the services provided by your accounting. That way, you can attract those potential customers.

Also, Content Marketing is used within the sales funnel, since it is possible to better understand your customer's entire journey.


The techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fundamental strategy to rank the content that your accounting produces.

Therefore, it is possible to increase the visibility of your accounting within the available search engines.

Pay attention to the sales funnel

Every company that wants to increase its results and attract an increasing number of customers’ needs to pay attention to the concept of the sales funnel.

In this way, the sales funnel refers to your customer's journey from the moment he knows your services until you hire them.

The sales funnel consists of three stages, each of which represents a stage of your customer. Check out:

Top of the funnel: Here, your client is still identifying what his main problem is and trying to understand better about it;

Middle of the funnel: In the middle, the customer is already looking for solutions to solve their problem;

Bottom of the funnel: It is the moment of decision, in which he chooses the best solution to his problem, being able to become a customer.

Use Email Marketing

Another of the Digital Marketing strategies is the use of email marketing to keep your customers informed about your services.

Therefore, investing in the use of email marketing can, within your accounting, become a great means of financial return.

Social networks

Some strategies are up to date, as is the case with the use of social networks.

Indian spend more and more time on social networks and, especially, on Instagram, they tend to relate to companies.

In this way, strategically, it is possible to use social networks as a platform for doing business. In addition to finding and relating to your customers, your accounting can increase your authority in the niche she wants to serve.

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Guest Post

The Guest Post is also one of the ways, through an online strategy, to establish itself as an authority in the market.

The focus of this strategy is to invite an expert person to your blog. With that, he uses some subject to write a post for his accounting blog.

This way, you get, in addition to new partnerships, a greater influence on your blog. What can become a means of reaching new customers?


Remarketing is one of the Digital Marketing strategies that has not yet been adopted by many accountants, but that has a high attractiveness.

So, how does remarketing work? When a user searches for a service that your office can offer, he starts to receive several ads with the topic of his search to take him to your website.

Therefore, we can conclude that Digital Marketing is much broader than you think. Thus, it is necessary to plan strategically, seeking to meet the needs of your accounting.

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