Digital Marketing services for colleges

The education sector is one of the fastest-growing hubs in the world. As we all know, “Change is only constant”, everyone changes with the time. With the adoption of advanced technology, now every sector is growing day by day.

All the businesses are investing in digital marketing and that’s why the education sector too. Since, the spread of students is a global thing, digital marketing for colleges and universities has become a necessary thing. The need of the hour is saying that Digital marketing services for college are a must now.

Here are a few ways that you can follow to attract and engage more students to drive enrolments.

Define Personas

The Key to a successful digital strategy is understanding the makeup of the targeted audience. Identifying key personas and what motivates them will help you craft a strategy that hits an audience’s points and craft messaging that drives engagement that will lead to a purchase.

Researching through data analytics and social media along with conducting polls and surveys through digital channels will help to find out where your audience engages and what content they are interested in will allow you to classify multiple personas.

Once identified, the key is to segment them into personas with details which are unique to that group such as job types of interest, companies followed on social media, digital channels used, etc.

Invest in a world-class website

The very first thing a student will probably look online is your website. According to research, 80% of college-going students agree that websites impact their decision more than any other resource.

Therefore, it is crucial to create a user-friendly, informative and optimized website that is visually appealing and responsive. Tracking data on an ongoing basis will help to understand how and where students engage so you can refine and optimize a website to provide content and solutions visitors want.

Integrate Mobile

In the current era, every student has a smartphone and that’s why it is essential to make mobile an integral part of the strategy.

Increasingly students and parents as well using mobile devices to discover out the educational institutes. While a major portion of them visit the website on their mobile, and a significant no of them applies using the mobile.

Optimizing your website for mobile is a crucial task and for doing that you need to make a major focus on the user experience. Develop a mobile website that is easy to navigate through different sections and landing pages effortlessly.

Use Social media platforms

Social media platforms are the best channel for interacting with the young generation. According to research, 16-24-year olds now spend an average of 2 hours and 26 minutes on social media each day.

The key to engaging with a marketplace is finding the digital channels they prefer to use. With a wide range of digital channels on offer, research is required to find out where and how your target audience is online.

Twitter: Like with almost 330 million active monthly users, Twitter is a powerful driver of engagement and can enable educators to communicate easily with existing students by providing solutions to their problems effectively.

Facebook: Facebook is a business and customer-focused platform that people use to connect with their friends and family. Facebook offers a great opportunity for engagement with the help of Facebook pages that can display posts on the newsfeed of the targeted audience. Also, Facebook provides you with the option to use paid marketing solutions like paid posts.

Instagram: Instagram is an active platform for sharing pictures and short videos. Here you can post pictures and videos of your campus infrastructure, students’ activities, college programs, etc. Just like Twitter, you can also use hashtags here for the better visibility of your posts. This platform also has the facility of paid promotion posts.

After analysing, all the major social media platforms you need to decide which platform is the best choice for you and by creating your social media profile try to connect with the audience first.

Create informative content

Every day approx. 27 million pieces of content shared online. With this much amount of content available online means that people have ample information at their fingertips to access and take their decisions. To cut through the glut, you need to create content that draws the attention of your audience and engage with for long.

Create relevant and informative content such as blogs, videos, eBooks or whitepapers will not only establish you as a leading influence in the education industry but also help to draw higher traffic to the website. So, these are a few hacks that digital marketing companies apply to create a dynamic presence on the digital platform for you.

Are you also looking to connect with more prospective students?

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SEO Service Packages


$350 /month


  • Website Analysis
  • Keyphrases Research & Selection (Up to 40)
  • Mobile Speed Audit
  • Inforgraphic Creation & Posting
  • Schema Implementation
  • Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking dashboard


$550 /month


  • Website Analysis
  • Keyphrases Research & Selection (Up to 60)
  • Mobile Speed Audit
  • Inforgraphic Creation & Posting
  • Schema Implementation
  • Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking dashboard


$899 /month


  • Website Analysis
  • Keyphrases Research & Selection (Up to 80)
  • Mobile Speed Audit
  • Inforgraphic Creation & Posting
  • Schema Implementation
  • Phone call, lead, and revenue tracking dashboard

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