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SEO by Industry simplified

Search Engine Optimization that is done for business websites belonging to a particular industry is called industry specific SEO or SEO by industry. We are the leading SEO agency that provides Industry based SEO services in India. Many people are under the mistaken belief that because it is a website that requires optimizing the same SEO tricks and techniques, policies as well as rules will apply. However, SEO by industry involves using customized tactics for individual industries that develop and empower your business strategy.

Our years of experience means that we have the relevant expertise to help different industries create their own identity in their respective markets. Some of the industry based SEO services in India we specialize in are:

  • SEO by Industry

    Home Improvement

    Home Improvement is a highly local business and they can increase their reputation by a strong presence in the local search results, increase their brand visibility and get new leads for their business. We create the right SEO strategy for you by focusing on the correct keywords, off-site considerations and on-site SEO factors. Our SEO by industry knowledge about web crawling and Google algorithms will help your business be found.

  • SEO strategy

    Law Firms

    All legal firms require legal assistance and we with our years of expertise and affordable rates have custom SEO tactics and strategies for law firms and practitioners. Law firms from across the globe are already benefiting from our expertise.

    Our SEO audit will show why your website is not showing up organically on search results and the fixes needed to improve your website performance.

  • SEO by industry campaigns

    Health and Beauty Sector

    Using tailor-made solutions for your business in the health and beauty sector, we design SEO by industry campaigns that help you reach the top of search engine rankings and ensure that you stay on the top. We make sure rank for all the keywords that are relevant to your industry and also rank for Longtail keywords which have low volume and are yet profitable.

  • SEO by Industry

    Real Estate

    When it comes to SEO by Industry, a real estate company has its unique set of demands. You need to be where your consumers are. As with searches for most industries, most buyers start their search online today and that means you need to be found online and need to come across as trust-worthy and dependable. We help you achieve that.

  • Ecommerce SEO

    Ecommerce SEO

    With focus on custom keyword research, site architecture, on-page SEO, content marketing and dedicated link building for ecommerce sites, we have everything that your ecommerce business needs to succeed and be found online.


There is more to the SEO by industry that we can help you with. You can always give us a call at (+91-93192-50487) if you have any questions or specific requirements. We’re here to help.
For any customized requirements or to request a quote call at drop an email at sales@semreseller.com.

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