Digital marketing for car dealerships

Customers are changing how they shop for their cars, and that means dealerships need to rethink their automotive digital marketing strategy to fit new audience behaviours. As shoppers effortlessly juggle channels and devices to help improve their buying process, many dealerships are struggling to keep track.

There are so many ways to market your business online that it can be tough to juggle them all. It’s even harder to stand out among your competitors, who are using the same tactics and could take attention away from your business. Here is a breakdown on changing audience behaviours, and what your dealership can about it.

The core of your marketing strategy to reach automotive customers is to follow their leads and check out firstly where they are. Your digital marketing success is entirely dependent on being seen. If you are not consistently presenting your dealership as a solution in the moments- and at the locations, where people are looking for that solution- you’re probably losing out on sales.

By now, you are not likely to be shocked by the fact that 86% of car shoppers make online research before deciding to a local dealership. This way, car shoppers are spending a full 60% off their car-buying journey online. Therefore, it is a must for dealers to impress their shoppers online during their research.

Here are a few key tactics that you need to implement in your digital marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone knows how important SEO service is to a successful digital marketing campaign. If you want to sell more cars, however, you need to assure that your SEO strategy can effectively boost your website in top SERPs.

Your website’s search engine ranking means the difference between selling your car to losing a sale to your competitor. The higher you rank the greater the number of opportunities you have to sell more cars.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is one of the best trends in digital marketing. A successful marketing strategy driven by our team for you can help you provide the answers to the questions shoppers have on the form of blog posts, reviews, premium content, etc.

Consumers would not be only one taking advantage from your content strategy, however, when you give your potential buyers an informative copy that helps them in finding a new car, you also position yourself as a knowledgeable thought leader.

Lead Nurturing

Oftentimes, the people who read your educational content may not be ready to just buy it. You don’t want to miss the opportunity to sell a car to them when they’re ready. This is where lead nurturing can be helpful for you too.

Lead nurturing allows you to maximize your consumer database by sending automated emails to your prospective customers. Having a larger database of potential buyers gives you more chance to sell customers and increase overall profits.

Moreover, sending daily emails keep your dealership on prospective buyer’s radar. So, when they are ready to buy, there is a better chance that they will take your business to your dealership.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion rate optimization is a new extremely beneficial digital marketing trend that provides car dealerships with an innovative way to increase website visitors, conversions and sales. CRO helps you to learn more about visitors to your website using a detailed test that shows how customers interact with your website. These tests are also helpful to improve your website and sell more cars.

For example, if you find a certain page that is not performing well, you can make a few design changes to see if you can improve it. If the changes made to the page help you to increase page traffic, apply them to the permanent site to boost your chances of selling more cars.

Display Advertising

You can have the most optimized and well-designed website, but no one is going to notice that if you’re not marketing your dealership to where your target audience is. That’s why digital advertising is so important.

Facebook ads and display ads put your dealership in front of your target audience at the right place and at the right time, so they are more likely to purchase your car from you than your competitor. These ads also help you to put your car dealership to new audiences so you can attract more customers in your local area.

So, if you want to implement a digital marketing campaign for your dealership, we at SEM Reseller can help you. While working with us, you will get a complete strategy combined with your specific goals to provide you with the results you want for your dealerships.

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