You all know that we might use google to search for high-class people or celebrities, and we get previews of their profiles too. Their profile previews include social media profiles, public records, and interests.

You might be thinking that if we can search high-class profiles on google, why not us or our close ones who are similar to us?

If you want your name to appear in Google searches, Google has created people cards to help you.

In this ultimate guide, we will delve deeper into what a Google People Card is, why it is necessary, and how you can create one for yourself.

What are google people cards?

Source : Google

A founder at topmost ads says, 'Add me to search is the quickest way to increase your online visibility on google'. People cards are a kind of google search engine feature that allows users to create a virtual card for their business.

You need a personal google account, a mobile device, and an active internet connection to create google people's cards.

Let us hear from Google's words: 'Anyone can find you on google if you have google people cards.'

Google people card allows you to create your online presence where you can find yourself on SERP, and others can also find you on google.

Google people cards are for -

  • Business people
  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Job seekers
  • Freelancers and

Anyone who wants to create their online visibility on google.

Let's understand this with an example: People with a business card can have their contact information and name. Now Google has launched a new feature called 'Add me to search,' where you can add your information.

So if someone asks about you and your business, you can request that person to google it.

Google people card is similar to your identity card, which shows your bio. You can add it to the search when someone searches your name, and google will show this card on the top.

Add me to search or google people card is almost similar. This card allows you to create a public profile card on google so that people can discover you.

Google people card is like a knowledge panel of your profile which includes the following details -

  • Your name
  • Profile picture
  • Occupation
  • Location
  • Contact number
  • Website
  • Email address
  • Social media links

In a nutshell, google people's card is like a virtual card for your business, and you can showcase your brand worldwide.

How to create a google people card?

Source - Google

Here are the exact steps that you need to follow to create a google people card for yourself -

  • You need a mobile device, an internet connection, and your google account.
  • Open your browser and type the phrase 'Add me to search' into the Google search bar. 

Source - Search Engine Journal

  • At the top of search results, you will find an option saying add yours to google search, and then you can click on get started.
  • A new page will open which says create a public profile page where you can fill in your information.
  •  You must fill in the information you want to show on your people's card. You must submit mandatory fields, including your name, location, job, and about you.
  • You can add personal and professional information, such as your work experience, education, website, and social profiles.
  • Google automatically populates your email and phone number.
  • When you fill in all those fields, you can preview your card before it goes live.
  • Within a few hours, you can see your details are visible on google search results, and it can help you to create visibility on search engines.

Google people card is visible to searchers who belong to the following countries -

  •  India
  •  Kenya
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa

Source - Search engine Journal

11. This feature will be available in other countries soon. People situated outside India can use VPN to create their google people card. 

What are the advantages of the google people card?

  • It is similar to the physical visiting card
  • You can create a google people card free of cost
  • Google people card allows you to build your brand
  • Google people card allows you to connect with others
  • You can keep your contact information accessible by using a google people card
  • Google people card is an excellent method to market your company
  • It provides you with the option of displaying your website and social media profiles
  • It will expand your reach in search engine 

Tips that you can follow to make your google people card effective -

Make sure to provide accurate and authentic information. If Google believes the information does not match your actual information, then google will delete your information from SERP.

1. Make your google people card up-to-date. If you are not updating your card regularly, then google may delete your information from the search engine.

2. The profile photo on your google people card should be clear and recognizable.

3. Google people card is not an advertising platform. It is a channel that provides bit-sized information about you so that people can learn more about you.

Wrapping up

Now the time has come for you to build your brand using the google people card. Google people cards can bring real magic to your business by increasing your online visibility and giving you exposure to show your brand.

If you have not created yours, create your google people card now and leverage the exciting benefits it offers to scale your business.

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