It is easy to overlook your organic click-through rates on Google. All things considered, you have probably been hushed into accepting this that major part of your advertising life is not as significant as other SEO measurements, for example, inbound connections.

But even if you believe that organic CTR can affect your rankings, it is a really good idea to work on increasing your click-through rate. A high organic CTR not only offers you higher rankings but also help you get more traffic from the same ranking.

Ways to improve your organic CTR rates

  • Check the current CTR

First things first- you need to know the current CTR of your website. The CTR can be easily checked using your Google Analytics. Go to acquisition > Search Console > Queries. Here, you will see the queries that bring users to your website. The dashboard also lets you know display impressions, clicks, search positions, and CTR.

Based on the detailed data, it would be easy for you to scrutinize which among the pages perform well and need improvement.

Optimize on-page elements

  • Simplify yet put creative titles

This is the important one because if you want people to click, they are not seeing much other than your title in SERPs. Therefore, crafting a unique and compelling title in such a way that piques the searchers’ curiosity must be prioritized. A good title tag contains the keyword and should not be more than 65 characters.

  • Use descriptive URLs

Directly below the title tag is the URL. Users judge the relevance of the page based on the title and the URL. So do search engines. Therefore, while crafting a unique URL make sure that the site hierarchy is apparent, if applicable. The URL must be matched with the title and avoid dynamic parameters.

  • Effective Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions should be relevant as this is the overview of the page’s content. Depending on what was written in the meta description, a user may not click the link. While writing this description, think this as a free advertising opportunity where you can put your call to action. Make it within 160 characters, otherwise, Google will truncate it.

Structure content for featured snippets

Featured snippets are search results that appear as a box of content on search engine result pages. They are fields of information that attend to provide answers related to the query. The snippet is highly visual and almost always results in a higher CTC because of the quick accessibility to the information that the page contains.

Companies who implemented featured snippets in their website content got a 20 to 30% increase in their CTRs.

Check out all these factors identified above. Perhaps, improper implementation of these factors is the reason behind your low CTR rate. Implement all the mentioned tips if those factors are affecting your CTR value.

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