Google has recently launched a removal tool feature that will let you hide the URLs temporarily from being showed up in the Google search. The name of this tool is Google Search Console Removal Tool. Another significant attribute of this newly launched tool is that it will highlight the content that is not available in Google due to being outdated. In addition to this, you can check out the URLs that are filtered by Google’s adult filter.

Assessment of the tool:

For assessing the removal tool, visit the Google Search Console; go to the “Index” menu and then click on “Removals.” In this section, you can select the URLs that you wish to remove.

Options available under the tool:

Temporary Removal:

The feature of the search console restricts the URLs from showing in the search results. The URL is not permanently removed but gets temporarily hidden for about six months. Moreover, if you wish to delete the URL permanently, that can be only be done using other methods such as 404. Clearing the cache is also needed to altogether avoid the page from showing up.

Outdated Content:

The outdated contents section is the one that provides information about the different removal requests that were raised via the outdated content tool. The feature can be of great help for anyone who wishes to update his search results to fetch decent Google rankings. Moreover, it is a great way to make your potential and existing visitors aware that your site does not show any outdated content and hence, is much reliable.

SafeSearch Filtering:

The feature helps to know the content that was reported under the adult category by the visitors. The Google users have this privilege of reporting specific URLs, by using the safe search suggestion tool, under the adult-only category to encourage healthy search. Before the launch of this feature, it was not possible to easily find about the content that was removed using the Safesearch feature.

The New Removals Tool by Google is Important?

Tool can prove to be extremely helpful, not just for digital marketers, but it will also give better clarity to the SEOs, webmasters, and varied site owners. Besides, it will help to gain better insight not just about the content that was removed, but also on the exact reason for which it was removed. Getting access to such information opens the gates to improve the functioning of the business. Adequate actions can only encourage better growth and lead to a competitive market position.

The good news about this tool is that anyone, and not just a site owner can use the same to communicate with Google about any outdated webpages. The SEO professionals can put this feature to good use by working towards the improvement of the less useful or deletion of the obsolete pages from the webspace. Also, the Google users will be glad to know that their actions do reach the right authorities, and they are hence, being served well in the digital world.

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