There is good news for all the users who prefer using multimedia ads for marketing or other purposes. Just a couple of days back, Microsoft advertising has announced the release of the beta version of the multimedia ads.

This is a major upgrade of multimedia ads, and many features are yet to be revealed. Basically, Microsoft Advertising focuses on making the multimedia ad format more responsive and compelling for advertisers.

Believe it or not, the newly upgraded ads will be based on machine learning that allows the creators to combine headlines, descriptions, images, etc., and develop engaging and compelling advertisements.

Where Can You Access The Beta Version Of The Newly Launched Multimedia Ads?

As per the reports, you can access the beta version of these multimedia ads via the Bing search engine. Microsoft will be delivering these ads to the Bing search engine on a priority basis. As it's the beta version, testing these ads at the earliest is necessary for further updates.

Nevertheless, the advertisers cannot use all the features of the multimedia ads during the beta testing period. As per Microsoft statements, there will be only one multimedia ad present on the page. As a result, the advertisers cannot deliver multiple multimedia ads simultaneously.

Are Multimedia Ads Beta Available Everywhere?

As per Microsoft, they have released the beta version of these multimedia ads globally. Nevertheless, advertisers can only use the features present in the beta version; more features are yet to be revealed.

How Can You Get Started With These Multimedia Ads?

Believe it or not, if you've used the Google display ad creation in the past, using the newly launched multimedia ads version isn't challenging for you. The entire setup of the multimedia ads and Google display ad creation is very familiar.

There are hardly any chances that some changes will be made in the multimedia ads dashboard after the official release. In comparison, multimedia ads are far effective because advertisers can now combine multiple visual assets. In simpler words, it has become easier for advertisers to develop compelling and eye-catching ads.

What Is The Ideal Image Size Advertisers Should Use For Multimedia Ads?

Microsoft Advertising team recommends that advertisers should experiment with multiple high-quality images. The best aspect ratios for the image sizes of multimedia ads are 1:2, 1:9:1, 1:1, and 4:1.

Bids Will Become More Aggressive For The Multimedia Ads

As already mentioned above, only one multimedia ad can be delivered; the bidding will become more aggressive. As a result, Microsoft Advertising has released the settings of adjusting the bids.

What Are The Further Enhancements Reported By Microsoft Advertising?

  • The best auto bidding strategies are based on the CPM for multimedia ads.
  • A facility to import sophisticated visual assets from other platforms.
  • Combining the product feeds to the multimedia ads.

And Many More!

Final Thoughts

So this was all about the newly launched multimedia ads, and this update is seriously advantageous for the advertisers. Let's hope that advertisers make the best use of these multimedia ads.

What are your views on the multimedia ads released in the beta version? Let us know in the comment section!

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