Have you ever wondered, how to measure the SEO of a web page? If we must be clear about something both in SEO and in any other discipline of digital marketing, it is that, if you measure, you will win. Through quality reporting showing metrics and KPIs aligned with the client’s objectives, we will provide value that will make a difference. In turn, this will allow us to analyse the results obtained much better and later make the best decisions.

In today’s post, I want to precisely show that, how to show data that adds value to both our client and us. For this, we have used a reporting tool that you are sure of, but which is useful (and free), Data studio.

Data studio will help us to measure the SEO of a page since it allows us to create personalized reports from the importation of data from other sources such as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, spreadsheets, etc.

And now you will ask yourself, what data should I show and analyze to measure the SEO evolution of a website? Well, in this post I want to show you some of those most basic metrics that can be used for any type of website.

Total traffic vs organic traffic

Here we have a basic but at the same time, useful and essential comparison to see the evolution of traffic over time.

With this comparison, we can see what the total weight of SEO traffic on the web is and what is its evolution. We can say that this graph will serve as a rough “photo” to measure if SEO traffic is growing or in what situation it is and make decisions about it.

Traffic by device type

Another metric that we must analyse and that we can graph with Data studio is traffic by device type.

What is the type of device that generates the most traffic for me? o Are they following the same trend? o Has organic mobile traffic improved compared to the previous year? These are some of the most basic questions that we must ask ourselves to know if everything is following a positive trend or if there are inconsistencies that we must resolve.

Here I show you one of the infinite ways on how we can display this data with Data studio.

Conversion data

Without a doubt, this is the key point and that we must always measure and analyse the conversions generated through the organic channel. It does not matter if the conversion translates into completed forms or purchases made, in the end, each customer has a specific objective. But what good is it to have exponential traffic growth if we do not generate conversions?

For that reason, in addition to measuring the traffic, we must provide conversion data and thus collect a set of information that adds value and tells us if the SEO of our page is evolving positively and if this also translates into more conversions.

As we have seen, the possibilities for displaying data are enormous, but what is important is what data we show and how we do it, only in this way can we extract valuable information for both our client and ourselves.

These have been some of the basic data that we should analyse and show to measure the SEO of our website. And you, how do you measure it?

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