You have just written the best blog post for your website and you are excited to watch it bring in plenty of traffic for your business’s website. to your surprise, you might not get that much traffic as you assumed. So, what are the steps to follow that can help you to get more traffic?

Do keyword research to identify good topics to blog about

It is not that easy to write down a blog within considerable depth and topics that nobody is particularly interested in. Similarly, it’s easy to write a blog post that people are interested in, but with a title containing keywords which nobody ever searches for.

Therefore, it is very crucial to identify the right keywords and phrases in your blog that can help you generate an amount of traffic, but for which there is no competition. You can utilize several keywords research tools like Ahrefs or Semrush to discover the keywords and ensure that you feature them at the right places only like in the title, meta description, headers, and body copy.

Make a focus on producing long-form content

Studies show that long-form content performs better in search engines than short posts. Long-form contents refer to post with high word counts that go in huge depth about any specific topic.

There are a few reasons why long content performs better and very first is it will be enriched with more keywords and therefore more likely to crop up as results for long keyword search.

Secondly, the long content is more likely to satisfy the readers who came across it- it will help them to find out the answer for their queries related to the topic. This results in more sharing across social media or gets links from other websites- with incredibly positive implications for traffic.

Regularly update your existing posts and keep it fresh

If you do any online search for any specific term, you will come across loads of articles which stress how important is to create fresh content to generate more traffic. Although, quality is always preferred over quantity and therefore rather than blogging every day it is good to keep your old content updated and make it as strong and informative as possible.

Use attractive images in your blogs

An attractive image in your blog post helps get readers a sense of what you are writing about. This is especially important if you are exploring difficult concepts-in this condition a visual aid can be helpful to you.

A god image also helps to make your content look more authoritative. If you use a beautiful picture in your post instead of a dodgy piece of clip art, it is far more likely to be taken seriously by the targeted people.

Optimize your blog posts for search engines

There are a series of technical steps known as on-page SEO that you should imply to give your blog post the best chance to perform well in Google research. Some of them mainly include creating blog post title which reflects your keyword research, using keyword-rich headings, using keywords rich alt text and file names for the images, etc.

Encourage Social Sharing

Actively encourage your readers to share your blog posts- be explicit with requests for people to post your content on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks.

If they follow these encouragements, there are chances that not only you should see a rise in your traffic posts, but you may also be sending subtle signals to Google or other search engines regarding the quality and popularity of the posts.

Create Backlinks to your posts

Getting traffic to your blog site mainly as two simple ways, first the quality content and second lots of backlinks. Although getting backlinks is not an easy nut to crack, you need to reach out to several website owners, bloggers, and asking them to include a link to your content on their posts. This is a time-taking task but very essential too. You will get very fruitful results if you take a thorough approach to it.

Still any confusion!!

We hope you have got several valuable tips in this blog post on how to increase traffic on your blog, if yes, just do a bit of favour for us share this post on your social media account so we can also enjoy good traffic on our blog and website.

Dev Bhushan

Dev Bhushan

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02 Feb 2021


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