Google is very different for every group of people. For students, it's a resource to gain knowledge, for companies, a platform for promotions, for marketers, it is one of the most favorite things.

Undoubtedly, after every few months, Google makes some changes in its algorithm. As soon as digital marketers and content writers get notified about the latest updates, they start finding new changes.

But, with so many changes, it's often challenging to find out about the Google indexing and ranking rules. There is no exact timeline when your pages will be ranked higher; it depends on multiple factors.

How Does Google Indexing Matter To You?

Believe it or not, Google indexing and ranking isn't rocket science. In our opinion, even after following all the Google practices, it might take days, weeks, or even months to get your new page indexed. It depends on the factors like domain age and your site authority. Newer websites need some time to achieve desired rankings.

Still, we won't say direct ''sorry'' to you; there are some legitimate ways to get your pages indexed on Google easily and quickly.

The Secret Ways To Enhance The Indexation Rate Of Your Website

Using the fetch in Google Search Console

If you're aiming to get your website Adsense approved, you probably might be using Google Search Console. This tool has introduced a new feature to put your desired URL to ''fetch.'' There might be a default URL; replace it with the URL you want to get indexed. Follow the steps mentioned below quickly.

  • Login to your Google Search Console and head to the ''Fetch'' section.
  • Paste your desired URL and hit the 'Search Bar.'
  • Now, hit the 'Fetch' button quickly. Once this URL is approved, hit the 'Submit to Index' option.

Google might assume the URL is indexable, and it might get indexed within a couple of hours.

Start Using The Internal Links

Search engines love crawling, and they crawl from one page to another via HTML links. Not all the pages of your website will be indexable; the authoritative pages have higher chances of getting indexed.

Here, you can use tools like Ahrefs to find out the authoritative pages of your site. Gather all these pages and interlink them with each other using the internal links. Ensure all the interlinked pages are relevant; irrelevant stuff is never indexed on the search engines.

You Can Share Your Desired Pages On High Traffic Websites

Quora, Reddit, and many other similar websites have a huge traffic flow, allowing you to promote your website. You should adopt the habit of sharing the URL of your newly published pages on high-traffic websites. It not only enhances your website's credibility but also boosts daily traffic.

Final Thoughts

See, sometimes you have to wait for days to get your pages indexed and sometimes even for months. The best thing you should do is stop worrying about indexing and keeps curating quality and relevant content for your audience. Believe us, your audience actions are enough to get your pages indexed on the search engines.

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