If you have successfully launched a mobile application on the Google Play, App Store, or both platforms, likely, you are constantly looking for tips to get your audience to make more downloads of that specific app.

This is interesting especially if we consider that at this time a lot of entrepreneurs arise willing to open their own business.

These figures are so high that in 2015 there were more than 1.43 million apps for Android and iOS 1.21 million. Figures that continue to grow year after year and especially throughout 2020.

Entrepreneurs say that to get more downloads in a mobile app, you must follow a strategy, which will help you gain visibility within the labor market.

5 tips to get more downloads in a mobile application

1. Define an SEO strategy

You must keep in mind the ASO (App Store Optimization) when defining a strategy to succeed with your application.

What this means is that you must optimize the SEO of your app if you want to rank it among the best. This will generate more downloads and a great impact on the media.

2. Know what the objective is

If you manage to properly establish this point, you will ensure that the application meets all the requirements that you are willing to offer.

3. Conduct a study of the competition

It is important to carefully analyze the competition when you are starting a new project.

Remember that it is essential that there is competition even if it is more difficult to position your app in a good place, because if there is not, this means that there is no market and, therefore, nobody will want to buy your application.

From here arises one of the priority aspects: find out what are the probabilities of generating downloads.

For this, you can follow the advice of Ester Molina, the expert. According to their opinion, you should visit the store or “store”, in which you have decided to launch your app and look for the keywords that will identify your project, the one that you managed in a first step.

For example, if your video game is about pets, you can search for “take care of animals”, “pet on your mobile”, “puppy game”, etc.

Add all the keywords that come to your mind, those that best define your application, or what users will find, as this will help you find out which “keyword” best suits your objective.

4. Improve what already exists

We are all clear that there are a lot of ideas that are available to your target audience for them to notice them, but the truth is that to succeed we do not have to invent something from scratch, it is enough that we improve it.

Ester Molina assures the following, according to her words “it is convenient to define exactly what the application will do, include the same functions that the competition already has and of course, add new ones that make it more complete”.

For example, if the competitors have a similar pet video game, but their accessories are all for a fee, so we can let some be free, others get them as they progress in the game and others, for a fee.

Additionally, players could trade accessories or send each other help messages. The limit is your imagination, do not stay only with what we are telling you!

5. Resort to social media

Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook are social networks that have millions of users. You should bear in mind that many of them will be interested in your application.
For this reason, if you want to achieve a high number of downloads, you must have at least one presence.

In this way, you can highlight a profile talking about your app and complement all the information that is necessary through news from the sector, with curious videos, contests, and all kinds of elements, to get more followers and also a greater number of downloads.

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